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I lost my acount ,, Bastanu'  " with in game purchases (santa hat) and i'm wondering If u guys can give back my acount

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18 hours ago, [??] ?????? said:


Let me explain. 

Developing a game is not easy and cheap. Its not the developers their intention to make it P2W. So they added a few features such as Skins basically.  And regarding the Prime server, this is just for the game supporters. That want the game to Develop more. And yes the Advisements helps also but the programs/ server upkeeps aint free. 

So you can see yes donations are helpful but not required to do. Its all up to the person them self if they wana support the developers.


17 hours ago, [??] ?????? said:

If this is the case sorry we cant return your account. 

If you can send @Catsbit.Care you account details like Payment and the email / account (+ID) it was purchased on he might can switch this into your new account. 


Its your responsibility to remember your Account details. All of this information is in the Term of Use and the privacy policy. You have accepted in the game. 


I know but the email was stolen.... I'l just giving up

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