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Oxide survival island hacker

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Hello I would like to know what proces do I have to take to show proof of 2 hackers in server us 18 they have aimkill and walk up walls like nothing and easily raid my roof like most players can't it's very different for a regular player to do his best to reach another players roof then a hacker when he just walks up from the out side of you're base by just standing next to the walls. Not even fences or wooden gates stop hackers from easily walking up you're wall and into youre roof. I have made in game reports a bunch of times and is useless you guys never banned them. I have spend much real money on this game and for a hacker to come and destroy things like nothing it's not fair for regular players. So what proces can I take do I have to capture him on video record and show you guys the proof or please give us a idea of what can we do as players to make this game better and more enjoyable for every one. I'm 30 years old and I can say this game has a lot of potential but more needs to be done to stop these hacker and we players can help if you tell us how please and thanks you

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