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Dear @Catsbit.Care, I have been asking (very politely) for you to remove the engram lock. You thought it would be a good way to deter hackers, and that didn’t work. But for me, it ruins the game for teams and players who get loot that they didn’t grind for. You know the feeling, making a play, getting a gun, and then seeing that stupid lock icon on it. I thought you guys would change it but I was ignored (Every single time I asked) it would make me and a lot of people very happy. I am STILL asking nicely and not over reacting about stuff like most of the forums. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU. I just made a play today for a hunting rifle and AR, and I am NOT going to grind for 600 scrap just to use them. If you see this please respond, I want you tell me your reasons (At Least) of why you won’t get rid of the lock. If you can do it soon, I just want to play oxide normally. Best regards, :::

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