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  1. Friend people you want in your team, there is no team system at the moment.
  2. Then wait or don’t play bozo, being a dev is hard
  3. Get good, aim assist sucks a lot, and learn to aim and accept getting third partied bozo
  4. :::


    They copter will have 2 seats in a later version, again, this vehicle update is kinda like a closed beta.
  5. :::

    DC Timer *IMPORTANT*

    Cowardly naked hobo
  6. I’m sure you have been in PvP, then when your attacker is about to die, they log out of the game. This is an ongoing problem, people have suggested a Sleeping System that doesn’t allow you to Combat Log or DC. I feel as if, since this is a mobile game, you shouldn’t add that feature as people might have to log of in the open, as people play this game on the go. I feel as if a timer For when the player disconnects of 5 to 10 seconds should be put into place. Therefore, if someone is in the open and needs to log off, or is safely in their base, they can, but during combat, they can’t. WHAT DO YOU, THE COMMUNITY THINK? Tell Me In The Forum Page Below @[CC] xAnony @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  7. For the sleep system, for a mobile game, it’s quite unfair to die while being offline raided. I think there should be a 5 second timer on disconnecting, so dc isn’t an option in PvP. As for the bleeding, I think it would be great, but they should add healing items with it, via bandages and med sticks. Great suggestions
  8. Normal servers are subjected to hackers, cause everyone can play them. You know what PvE is and it is for new players to grasp a hold on the game. Prime comes with the perk of no hackers, and if what I have recently said pulls through, a lot more benefits (via a creative mode server)
  9. *Mr.Beast pulls a shotgun* “Cut down the trees, and you’ll deal with me”, he says as he brandishes his weapon. @[CC] xAnony
  10. *Mr.Beast pulls a shotgun* “Cut down the trees, and you’ll deal with me”, he says as he brandishes his weapon.
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    Pay to win

    Ooooooh, ok