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  1. What is the reason for the arrow damage decrease? I think bows are just fine. I think that if you are going to decrease arrow damage, then decrease bullet damage from hunting rifles. I can’t even last a minute now without someone with a hunting rifle just beaming me from across the map. Please do that if you guys are going to nerf bows
  2. I’m sure, most people have not taken a liking towards the new system of not being able to use items you don’t have the blueprint for. I get that it is good for stopping hackers’ progression, but with the new and better anti cheats, hackers have become less prominent. This poll is to see which idea is better, not being able to use items like hunting rifle etc, even if you killed someone for it, or being able to. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev
  3. I little (Just a little harsh) but agreed, FellowOxide enjoyer
  4. Please leave this forum as you serve no purpose other then to be a burden to others. Leave for your dignity, you dim witted diptard.
  5. I have video proof of him fly hacking and aim botting, I get shot from nowhere then die. He was in the sky, his username is on my death screen. I will send the like to this topic.
  6. TOTLAS has all of the stolen gun animations and assets from Rust, along with a lot from Oxide. Not to mention all the buildings and structures SMH. Just listen, get off the forums and play TOTLAS before it gets sued. Stole being toxic towards the devs. Also what does “A crown among devs” mean? Cheers
  7. ‘Your English is worse than a 3rd grader’ TOTLAS is literally ‘STEALING’ from Rust via the assets. I have and play Rust, quite a lot actually. Also, the devs make games for ‘FUN’, they enjoy doing it. I myself am a game dev, and I do it for fun in my free time. Why did you quote me like 4 times? I think ur just mad :) Just don’t go on the forums buddy, if you don’t like the game, then leave the forums and just play TOTLAS before it gets copyrighted
  8. Free pants skin, an Amazon box. Wearing a box on your pants lol. Yeah, I’d say skins. That would make it more worth.
  9. Thankyou Peener, it’s been a while since I’ve played, I’m glad to see a spark still left in the rubble
  10. TOTLAS, is literal garbage. I could make a WAY better game with Unity. This game is made by 2 people, who have ‘LIVES’ AND ‘JOBS’. You think TOTLAS is good? It only has the ‘Unity Survival Game Package’ and a bunch of stolen assets from Rust. SMH… People like you shouldn’t even be on the forums.
  11. Friend people you want in your team, there is no team system at the moment.
  12. Then wait or don’t play bozo, being a dev is hard
  13. Get good, aim assist sucks a lot, and learn to aim and accept getting third partied bozo