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  1. The new stuff is broken and I haven’t been able to use it cause I keep dying to… guess what… FULL METAL KITS WITH MEDS lol. Yea, oxide broken
  2. :::

    Fake information

    I just think that since people have to leave out in the open, then they will just loose all of their stuff. I hate people who dc and I have only ever done it against hackers. I want a timer so that you have to be in the menu for 10 seconds before you can log, so people can’t dc during a fight. Sleepers won’t work in a mobile game like this, so the timer is a better option. P.S. Why so toxic?
  3. Thx man! You are a real gem in the oxide community :):):) P.S. I don’t know how you make oxide into these epic movies but it’s awesome keep up the good work ❤️
  4. Dude… first of all, I have spent a total of 5$ for the Santa hat and nothing else, I hate the pay to win vehicles. Also, the only reason I am trying to defend the devs is because I’m holding onto hope that I can make an oxide video with my friends when the game gets better. And yes Welly, all your points are valid and I guess I’m being foolish. Just don’t make assumptions about me with the people we both hate. I’m on your side @Welynprint, and I want a better future for oxide, just like you.
  5. Welyn bro… it’s me! The kid who used to have ‘bow PvP chad’ in my bio lol. I don’t even play the game anymore, as I don’t like the lack of updates and hackers. I just believe that if we don’t harass them then maybe the update will come faster. I’m sorry man 😢
  6. They are working hard adding a lot of things and moderators to make the game way better, also, instead of talking trash, maybe just stop playing until they make the update. I for one have tried and failed to make a game and understand how hard it can be, and they don’t deserve your one sided backlash 🤦‍♂️
  7. Oh 💀 sry man… I hate cheaters
  8. Maybe… build some walls around the boxes? Lmao
  9. :::

    Fake information

    I literally said sleepers are B A D 🤦‍♂️
  10. :::

    Voice Chat Glitch

    Okay thanks
  11. :::

    Voice Chat Glitch

    I don’t know if everyone is having this problem but certain devices can’t use voice chat and I was wondering if you (the devs) could fix this. I really wanted to use voice chat sense the start of this game and haven’t so it would be nice 👍
  12. :::

    Add unconscious

    I think you mean “Downed players” and not sleepers and yes, it would be nice 👍
  13. I think we need prim weapons to do more damage so people aren’t prim locked. Also, medkits should take time to use like in Rust, so people can’t just spam them 👍