Jimmy trying

Bannig account with donation: copter and turret. level 13. ID: 3321996999B36A14.

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Hello, dear developers! I was banned even though I played without cheats. I’ll tell you how it happened: I was standing at home, crafting bullets and after 3 minutes I was banned, there were a lot of fences in my inventory... I lost them along with my account. I bought a copter and a turret on my account, I also had level 13 (almost 14) please unlock the exchanges, here is my ID: 3321996999B36A14



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1 час назад, Прихожий сказал:

Он чит?

Он не чит. Нас одновременно заблокировали после рестарта, я вообще оружие не юз .

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