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To report a hacker properly you need to get a recording of them hacking and you also have to get a recording of their player ID above their head. Taking screenshots of player ID is not acceptable anymore. Here's the steps to report hackers. 

Step 1: Download a free video recording app from the app store.

Step 2: open up app and record when playing Oxide.

Step 3: go to settings in Oxide and turn on player ID's so when you encounter other player's you can see their player ID above their head in game 

Step 4: if killed by a hacker record it and make sure you get a shot of the player ID in the video. Taking screenshots of the hackers ID on the player list is not acceptable anymore because of players now being able to change names. You can still post a screenshot of the hacker's ID on the player list though

Step 5: post recording and proof on Catsbit forums under player reports. If you get an error when trying to post the video it means your files too large but you can post the video on YouTube and post the link in your report

Again you have to make sure you get the hacker's ID above their head in the video. If you don't and it's not clear to see the admins won't be able to see the player's full ID. I am not associated with Catsbit. I just want people to report the hackers properly so we can get them banned and back to level 0 lol. LET'S GET THESE LOSERS BANNED! 

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