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  1. Yeah your right. I don't even play. But I unlocked everything and have loot on my alt account in case they finally do something about the hackers. Like wtf is wrong with Catsbit? The game is impossible to survive and they continue to make pointless updates.
  2. This whole clan named (AMR) is hacking and killing people on US #9. They aren't even hiding the fact they are hacking like most cheaters. I can get proof but what's the point? These hackers seriously need to get dealt with. The game is unplayable.
  3. Why don't you stfu you loser lol. Little bitch boy who used hacks in a mobile game lmao.
  4. You must be one of these pussy ass hackers I'm talking about lmao. You need to use hacks in a mobile game to survive like a little bitch. When they figure out a solution you're gonna be crying to your mommy because you're life will be over lol.
  5. All these dumb updates and yetnotuing done about the hackers. Everyone needs to stop playing this dumb game. It's not worth playing. Who wants to farm for hours only to be killed by a hacker in secs? Catsbit seriously could care less. They would rather implement new items them figure out a way to deal with these hackers who have ruined the game.
  6. You need to get a recording of him using backs and screenshot of his player ID for him to get banned. They are not gonna just ban hackers without proof because anyone can claim someone is hacking.
  7. They should add a chainsaw for farming trees and jack hammer for nodes. Add it to the store so people have to buy it.
  8. Yeah I thought so. It should be against the rules to make new accounts after getting banned. This Patrick guy is so dumb he made his new account name similar to his last one. If I get proof of him hacking on this account I'll post it.
  9. Hahahah yeah ok you can't get banned because of lag. Your player name is in Asian letters so chances are you were hacking lol. Just like most of the Russians who use hacks.
  10. I recently reported a hacker using the name [UP]Patrick and he was banned. That was the 2nd time I've reported him and had him banned also under the name Patrick1919. He is back again on US server #9 using the same name pretty much. He has made another new account under the name [UP]Patrikc as you can see in the screenshot of his player ID. This is 100% the same person as nobody is gonna make a name similar to the one that was just banned [UP]Patrick. Not sure if it's against the rules to make a new account after getting banned but it should be. The video I've posted doesn't show him using any hacks with the new account but it doesn't show his name in chat and also shows me trying to get him to reply to me getting his last account banned. This is the same player. [UP]Patrick and [UP]Patrikc are the same person. Please ban this player as he still plays on US server #9 over and over again every time he gets banned. Here's a video of me talking to him in chat trying to get him to admit making a new account.
  11. I have gotten this player banned in the past and he has been playing on this new account using cheats for months. If you look at my previous report you will see I got him banned using the name Patrick1919. Here is some video proof of him speed hacking and flyhacking. Please ban this hacker as he has been playing on US server 9 for months using hacks, ruining others gameplay and getting away with it. Here's 2 videos of him using speed hack and using flyhack to escape being killed.
  12. That won't work at all. What happens when you get disconnected from lag? Or kicked cause of a glitch? When players are playing with a weak wifi signal there's a good chance they will get disconnected. If they add sleepers alot of people will lose loot because of the server kicking them.
  13. Please review the video again. Look closely at the 17 sec mark in the video and look at my health bar which is almost full. At 18 secs in the video he is not even facing me or close to me and he shoots his assault rifle in a different direction and he even shoots the ground and yet he gets all headshots on me and takes my hp down to below 10 hp in 1 sec. He is CLEARLY using a cheat so I don't understand how you can say it's not clear if he's cheating or not. It is not possible to shoot someone who is that far away from you with assault rifle and get them down to a low level hp with one clip. He is not even aiming at me when he first shoots me and I don't know how you can't see the obvious proof.