why is there still no private servers?!?!! CATSBIT

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why have you still not added private servers? private servers NEED to be added it will triple your player base, the fact that it seems you have no interest in adding this feature is beyond me, private servers would be owned by an admin, these servers would have the option to have up to 10 admin that have the ability to permanently ban hackers that join their server (ban from SERVER NOT GAME) this would triple your player base as you’ve lost so many players due to the amount of hackers and this would deal with this issue instead of working on shitty anti hacks that you clearly have no idea how to make since they have never worked. the private servers would show up on the main menu of the app so anyone can join, so players would have the option of joining private servers or the games servers. why would you not add this feature?!?!?  if you were to add this we would need to have the feature to be able to title the server i.e. “non hacker server”

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