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  1. Why did you change what the Xmas lights look like they don’t even glow anymore they look way worse
  2. Zero tolerance for cheating??? Prime server still has hackers?
  3. The point is even with high walls everyone can still climb onto first wall and then jump to next to next wall and go onto base and rocket cause tc range is too short thats why people don’t like playing when bases get destroyed 24/7 and pve gets boring cause after you’ve built there is nothing to do so it will be fun killing people because it’s something to do and there’s competition but you can’t rocket peoples bases. You can make it so people can still eco raid bases with tools but no rockets. Idk why you wouldn’t just make one server with it just cause you don’t like the idea DOESNT mean other people won’t all you have to do is lock rockets it wouldn’t take long at all to do……. @Catsbit.Care
  4. What do you mean you do not see much sense to it??? People like killing people but they don’t want their bases ruined 24/7??? Just cause you don’t see the sense in it DOESNT mean everyone else wouldn’t like it?
  5. So in total there will be 4 servers: PVE, PVP, PRIME, and PVP with no rockets
  6. - Will you ever create a new server where there are no rockets so you can’t damage bases but all guns still do damage to other players so we can still kill players. I would really like you to add this server type as pve can be boring sometimes so it would be cool to still have fun killing players but everyone can still have fun Building and keeping their bases. I don’t mean to add this feature to the pve servers I mean to create one or two servers with this option so guns are still used for pvp but rockets stay locked and no one can use rockets. - Also can you increase server restart warning from 10 seconds to like 30 seconds so we have more time to organise stuff like landing our helis etc - can you also make it so we can eat and drink while driving vehicles.
  7. bellasmith

    FIx Update

    Why does it still not work for me?
  8. bellasmith


    Everytime I try repair heli with hammer using frags i get disconnected
  9. The wood in furnace is now being used 5x the rate it used to be one metal ore now sometimes uses 5 wood…. How did EVERYTHING go wrong with this update?? There’s 20 things that have gone wrong now literally everything is mucked up. And will it take months to fix everything that has been disrupted due to this update? Or will u be able to fix it soon
  10. Pve #57 sometimes there is no server restart warning and if you have your inventory open while there is a server restart you lose your entire inventory
  11. There is no warning for the server restarts anymore which needs to be fixed immediately because if people are flying a heli and there is a restart with no warning they will fall and die…??!
  12. Why is there only one slot now for toolcupboard? How are we meant to do upkeep for bases that use 2 slots like wood and stone or stone and metal etc…????!!??
  13. bellasmith


    We can’t chat in any server how long will this take to be fixed??? Are we going to have to wait until next update??? Do you not check things before you upload the update????
  14. I know…. Im just saying wipes every two weeks is a bit extreme.