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I beg for only this 2 fixes kindly :

1:Fix the exit button for the copter been annoying ever since the item was added .


2:Fix the chat bug can recall back then in 2022 still was there never fixed.

If not soon then maybe by the course of the year.I know understand how coding isn't actually the best thing anyone might want to do and bugs take time to fix .All I'm asking is that both you 2 devs, Rita and Wladislaw take a step in doing something more meaningful for the game already appreciate the rest but start from small then to big .Like fix small things then adding more can take time.

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The bug with the copter is annoying, but not as much as the cheaters (Honestly, it's better to have a permanent Moderator on the forum. As for me, this will be the best fix for the "bug in the game".

As it is, I support you.

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