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  1. Try put stairs on a weak spot and place tc so that he can't do anything if doesn't work well unless you bought a copter u can't do much lol
  2. Nelson


    First one ;I know you cancelled out the option of creating a personal server but was curious to know if you would let people pay to create and have their teams like have server moderators I know if only a few are made and players discover that those kind of servers are more easier to play as the servers are being moderated thus cheating is less likely in those servers then people would go flood those servers but it's you choice dev. Second one;I think in all the updates builders haven't been put in the picture people only demanding for guns e.t.c But if you would please add square and triangular frames so that you could add another ladder as an option the kind of ladder I'm talking of is the ladder hatch.which could further lead to new base designs even bunkers Third one;was on the idea of adding fuel to the game which you had also intended to make use for in transport vehicles such as the buggy and copter please consider it as this could pave way to adding monuments such as pump jack Fourth one was really just a question why did you not release the skins for revolver and bag after all those update or why is it still visible in the craft menu. Fifth one was on the double doors do you intend to add them in future updates?
  3. Wanted to know if all these ideas were cancelled out or what happened to them: 1: 2: 3: 4:
  4. Nelson

    I AGREE .

    Just saw a topic on increase of ho on wood high walls and gate this would at least minimize on the rocket glitch exploit. Dear developers please consider this as to server for the minor glitch that was meant to be fixed with the update but did not. Thank you.
  5. Later on I will also make a video on some glitch that hasn't been fixed for quite a long time of the roulette (lucky wheel) and water glitch.
  6. I made a topic not long ago of how catsbit scuffed the lucky wheel by trying to change minor details like colours of [5],[10] and [20] and making [3] less in one number as they are supposed to be 6 rather they made it 5 .I have no problem with it even though it made it scuffed to predict make massive wins enjoy the mini game apart from everything else where hackers get to ruin it . But you can check that topic in the Question forum. Main reason for this topic is that the roulette i.e the lucky wheel has a bug itself and the system is slow and less accurate in choosing what number the arrow actually landed on to prove this check this YouTuber clip his name polariss really amazing. He made a bet on [5] and after the spin the arrow was literally pointing at [5] clearly with no doubt but he still lost. Check out his video on the link the part is at around 5:16 to 5:30 that's the part where it shows that it's broken
  7. HWID ban is Hardware ID ban
  8. Some people have gotten pretty annoyed catsbit hasn't added servers closer to their region to reduce the ping and play the game more smoothly.Some people continue playing even at a high ping on the server while some seek for options such as VPN. Following the so many complaints of players claiming that they were unjustifiably banned and didn't use cheats well most of them are lying obviously maybe a 1% of people could have been banned unjustifiably but this could only be if the player was using VPN. Consider this catsbit ban your IP address but obviously you can still make another account go back and start over but if for real you were not hacking and used VPN.VPN changes your IP address to fit to a local server that you choose to play the game smoothly but what people don't know is that if the system detects the IP address and matches an account banned maybe an year ago,a week ago then you will get banned and that's how bad IP ban is. Promoting a ban like HWID ban is better simply because the player can ni no longer play the game whether they try creating a new account or deleting and reinstalling the game to trying to connect the game to different accounts won't work simply because the system can check the hardware ID and whether the player is blocked and prevent them from playing the game this reduces risks of getting banned unjustifiably. But this information isn't that useful because catsbit doesn't even pay attention to any of the forum only the report forum and that would be maybe for 3-5 hours and that's it
  9. There so many ways to deal with cheaters but catsbit hasn't taken action in any of them : 1: They can make similar ban to a hardware ban such that once the person is banned ain't the account that really matters but his device is blocked from playing the game . 2: They could add server moderates at least 2 or 3 this makes it easier to ban more cheaters as it's more accurate than the anti-cheat itself that literally takes so long before detecting cheats and banning a player.What I mean is if there's a moderator who can check suspicious accounts reports it's much easier for them to troll the player and when they toggle on their cheats like fly kick fancy stuff like that they don't need to wait they server ban him and request for a permanent ban from catsbit i.e the "hardware ban" 3: They could introduce a new banning system i.e Association ban this how it works . If a player in a team is using hacks and the moderator is in the server he should interrogate his teammates find out if they knew he/she was cheating then temporarily ban them for 3-5 days and increase of the ban period if they try playing again together using different accounts. The 3rd method would be so effective because players in the game really care about their level,base ,loot and probably take so much hours I to the game so banning them for 3 days straight for just association no player will want to play with someone who's cheating thus decreasing the amount of cheaters because even cheaters can't play solo.
  10. Not to be rude dude it's the question forum so doesn't necessarily mean everyone should be making topics on cheaters played the game since 2022 probably more than 5000 topics of this stinky cheater madness and catsbit ignores because they only do what's in their power or even what they wanted to do it's simply their game you can't tell them what to do sometimes over a million times they saw already the complaints almost 3years now bruv . Catsbit mindset is if you don't like the game go find another one no problem someone else will
  11. So I know most of the ideas are borrowed from the players or developers just seeing a need to add something necessary or much needed to make the game more fun. But in most of this cases all the ideas come from the game "RUST" And so developers do have hard time trying to add in more things to the mobile game to be just as similar to rust but upon adding them they have to make slight changes to the "thing" being added to avoid plagiarism in case facepunch isn't happy with another company completely using all their ideas and stuff . Enough of that so this won't be long to read . Catsbit changed numbers on the roulette from 25 to 24 .the number being slight less is 3 supposed to be 6 (3) instead there 5 and changing colours of the numbers [5], [10] and [20] that isn't the problem though. The problem is the mini game "roulette" in oxide is 10× more challenging so I had to ask if changing the number from 25 to 24 actually reduced the chances of winning. I don't know if this was changed upon adding the roulette game or after a bug that was found .Just curious. @Catsbit.Care If you get to read it thank you and please reply so I know why I'm just a bit curious nothing else no complains and thank you for the huge update haven't seen another like it for quite a long time
  12. Bonjour Everyone got off because of high ping wanted to post on questions but think must be a problem not every server affected by the same issue please check out and confirm what might be the cause of it.thank you
  13. Nelson


    Problem is always money with the new unity engine terms that developers have to pay for use of their engine and also for each player download is dragging some games down considering catsbit doesn't have like a big office like facepunch to manage everything in an orderly way even being a traducer they don't pay but give you payed for items of the game it's really tough for them so they can take all out ideas slow as they want but hope they consider all as the game has lacked behind being . I would request July 31st on oxide birthday they would consider many ideas as a special appreciation. Thank you.
  14. Bonjour Please Add the following features to the building plan: 1:Low wall. 2:Half wall. 3:Pillar. 4:Floor frame. 5:Wall frame. 6: Spiracle stairs. REASON: Through time it has become tiresome and boring building same kind of structures never new ideas or tricks .A change in the [BP] building plan would bring a step up to new buildings ,comfort ness , maximum/minimum use of space. This would pave way for new kind of maps in PVE servers and prime serves as they are less compared to official servers there could be a change on map size and different map design. Advantages it might bring alongside;This would ease the thought of players on issue with hackers for example, employing players skilled in art whether experienced or not to show case their opportunity and amongst 3 best would be taken and added to PVE and prime servers.The three can receive a token of appreciation like granting them payed for game items copter,buggy,cauldron,snow machine,candles,elf hat, Christmas hat, Christmas light,just as you do to translates who assist in making traduces such as in Spanish , Russian to ease players according to their language of comfort. This would impact both the game and lives of players instead of having kids and adults wasting so many hours on the game . NOTE: I know some might suggest that anti-cheat is more important I agree but Rome wasn't built in a day takes time Rust players suffer from hackers only thing that eradicates so many hackers is the moderation of the server by server moderators so not in 1000 years will oxide have not even a single hacker . Thank you.