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  1. Remember your promises dev please .
  2. Just like you considered xAnony ideas back then consider these as well please. To @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care
  3. Hope you still care about your community man do we need you to be like this and for sure this game will grow.
  4. ENG:Hello@Catsbit.Care and@Catsbitdev _ Please check on these amazing ideas will be really appreciated. RU:Hi @Catsbit.Care and @Catsbit developer Please check out these great ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Nelson


    Также не нужно создавать 2 темы, так как вы уже сделали одну в запросах на разбан, этого достаточно.
  6. Nelson


    Honestly, no player, hacker or not, will ever get banned. The truth is that you need clear evidence that the ban was unjustified and they check their systems and apologize for the запретить
  7. I beg for only this 2 fixes kindly : 1:Fix the exit button for the copter been annoying ever since the item was added . 2:Fix the chat bug can recall back then in 2022 still was there never fixed. If not soon then maybe by the course of the year.I know understand how coding isn't actually the best thing anyone might want to do and bugs take time to fix .All I'm asking is that both you 2 devs, Rita and Wladislaw take a step in doing something more meaningful for the game already appreciate the rest but start from small then to big .Like fix small things then adding more can take time.
  8. Basically he has a new account and wants to transfer his purchased items and info there but the transfer were cancelled due to fraud cases and he wants to know if they now allow it again or is it still suspended
  9. Nelson

    Just curious

    Where did u hear the rumor from ?
  10. Nelson

    Just curious

    Bonjour: @Catsbit.Care Been out of game for 2 months. Did catsbit guard get fired or what happened to the moderator.
  11. Nelson


    VK is kind of Russian bit unfair cz I changed it English after restarting my phone thing changed to Russian and not everyone interested or know VK . @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit dev Please consider this
  12. Hi Catsbit, Mine is more kind of a suggestion at the same time a bug with the terrain idk, could you increase the building block radius near monuments all of them have same issue ,(abandoned factory,power plant,gas station). Like players can build so close to the monument and some going to the extreme of walling it off which is not a bad thing only issue is how easy it is for them .E.g 'gas station' only takes 30 high wood walls to entirely wall up if placed correctly . And about how the building is close to the monument I only thought it was a bug with the terrain extending too close to the monument to make it seem attached to the terrain to a point it allows players to build so close to them. Please check out,thank you.
  13. Nelson


    Do you still plan or consider making a discord server for the community.Like I can't use VK much bcz it has less features as to what I would like and notifications and texts are mostly in Russian and I can't speak Russian nor read I do appreciate the language though no problem with it .It's just that we would like a free app where all community can access and share ideas about the game . Hope you consider it thank you.