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Building System

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Sorry for being annoying, but there are still some little things that I wanna suggest:

-Add more types of walls (with different sizes and different formats of doors and windows).

-Add a lower ground base.

-Add more stair directions.

-Add ramps.

-I love the building system, but there are some parts that don't fit (1-3). Please fix.sketch-1551647931142.thumb.png.8c931cb64d713377ae38e8ff2a89989d.pngsketch-1551647736437.thumb.png.70183f81fc6a8d389555021cf328c299.pngsketch-1551647811514.thumb.png.03141f5c025d2e3f2bbf05a25390c33d.png

Bonus: (This is a bug) When I aim down I can shoot myself (4-5).sketch-1551647995535.thumb.png.53145fd87a6a7271a696ec8eafdae210.pngsketch-1551648036207.thumb.png.53dd48e9beba1c96483027b3fb21434e.png

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