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  1. CrazyCube


    -Make it possible to LOAD maps on single player mode. -Add the function to export/import maps, so that players can share their creations. -Make the building system as simple and efficient as Cubic Sandbox, so that there is no space between the walls. That can spare a lot of work, reduce the amount of props in the map and improve the appearance of buildings. -Add more wall formats and sizes (image1: some suggestions). -Add more stairs, with different directions. -(Image2) Add a search function in the inventory, to find props easily (it's not so important now, but if you add a lot of props just like in Cubic Sandbox it will definitely be useful).
  2. CrazyCube


    I think that melee would be cool too. Like a sword, axe, katana, bat and knife.
  3. But it doesn't make sense that you can't delete something that YOU placed.
  4. Looks like it is only possible to do it online. You have to go to the multiplayer servers list then click on the "Load/Save" icon.
  5. What is coming in the next updates? We have not had much news about the development of S3D recently. Please keep us posted about what your working on, me and my friends are curious. ? ?
  6. Sorry for being annoying, but there are still some little things that I wanna suggest: -Add more types of walls (with different sizes and different formats of doors and windows). -Add a lower ground base. -Add more stair directions. -Add ramps. -I love the building system, but there are some parts that don't fit (1-3). Please fix. Bonus: (This is a bug) When I aim down I can shoot myself (4-5).
  7. Awesome! Thanks for the reply! I know that you guys will make this game the best on mobile! ?
  8. Just some ideas I had while playing: -Add car explosion. -Add a first person view. -Add some kind of god mode so that players can fly , that will make it easier to build. It can be activated by typing a code in the chat (something like the creative mode in minecraft). -Add functional mechanisms such as elevators, lights and eletronic objects. -Add a gravity gun to lift props. -Add game modes for public and private servers such as Hide and Seek, Murder and Deathmatch. I love this game, hope you guys make it even better! ?
  9. I was building a tower normally, but then I couldn't place any more props or walls on it. Is it because I reached the limit of props on a map or is it a bug? By the way, it is a really big tower.
  10. - Add a tool to change the walls and ground texture. The texture image could be selected from the gallery. - Add doors and more props for internal decoration. - Add custom ragdolls and NPCs. - Add a new map with a forest theme and nature props such as trees and bushes. - Bonus suggestion: a day/night cycle would be cool too. ?