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Hi, this is just a suggestion that would make servers more manageable and fun. Some options should be to enable guns and killing (so that roleplay servers can be filled with killers and things.) Another is the option of a “permaban” for the host. This means that you can ban people from your server forever, even if they have a different name they will get banned. Another is a ranks option for people. One will be a visitor, which means they cannot build, but can shoot if the server allows them to, another rank is the builder, where they may build things, but can’t delete things, then the master builder, which they may delete things and build things. An admin, which may only kick people from the server. Then the host. The host can kick, permaban, have server permissions, build things, delete things, and send a global message throughout the server. These ideas can make the servers more of a fitting and non stressful job, since verbally speaking to someone that shoots others in an rp server is nearly impossible to stop. I would appreciate if CatBits can make this idea come to life. Also, you gotta have moderators be active throughout the day, (possibly some around the globe?) that they all can be watching 24/7. They may shut down any servers that are not kid friendly.


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