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Found 30 results

  1. HK Captain


    Hello developers, please trouble the people on this server, they use cheats and I am also always targeted by them, they are in groups and they are Filipinos and Russians. They use heck water auto aim heck auto farm location and many more and they always toxix stutter they are the first on that server I beg people to bother I have bothered some of them my name is HK captain please also in the next update just delete the guest feature because they can't use official accounts so please delete the guest account so that Less cheaters
  2. Why ban my acaount im no hacker nickname mastubation in 96 eu server
  3. Catsbit please consider making a few servers that are only playable on IOS and you would log into these servers with Apple ID. There is no hacks on IOS so no hackers would be on these servers as they use android. Please also add a ios exclusive second prime server as it would be hacker free too! Please everyone repost this so catsbit sees this! This is an easy fix to hacking for iOS users as we WOULDNT have to deal with hackers anymore
  4. Why can't I join server EU#72?
  5. Hace varios días este error que los servidores br desaparecen por favor arreglen el error
  6. Please add a new server for Asian players. Or let us host one.
  7. Kovaleww


    Cheater on 19 server nickname cheater: Zelenskiy id cheater :A341D57C7F29DE2B PLEASE GIVE THIS PLAYER PERMANENT BAN!!!
  8. Koyla kills me with cheats
  9. Hi, I'm having problems accessing the Prime server among other servers, but Prime is what I care about the most, because I'm creating content for my videos on it, in addition to having paid to use it. I've already tried clearing cache memory and clearing data, installing and uninstalling the app, as well as deleting all friends from the friends list and the problem remains. Apparently whenever I disconnect inside a building, even if it's mine, as long as it doesn't get destroyed from walls to ceiling (through decay or someone raiding), I can't relog with my Server account, it cost me over 400 of burnt sulfur. I was only able to reconnect after the entire base had decayed and they had already raided. I'm sure it's not an internet problem, because in the same video I show that I can log into a server with a Ping higher than the Prime Server. I ask for your help to resolve this situation, because as it is, I have become increasingly discouraged with the game, supporting hackers from all sides and now this problem is complicated. Grateful. The video is having trouble uploading, so I'll be providing the video Vídeo: link. Username: NettoBR0
  10. marcenero


    cheater named i'm with Egyptian at the end fly hacking and shooting threw walls with aimbot for one hit kill any tool/ weapon
  11. Mortalk

    Server Bug

    Games crashes after joining a server (Loading Scene) any idea how to fix it? I'm using Samsung A2 Core.
  12. Ayer despues de un reinicio del servidor, no puedo volver a dentrar a el servidor (usa oxido #12) Pueden arreglarlo por favor
  13. Fokion

    Server wipes

    Hello, I was looking to see if there was a plan to make certain servers wipe on a schedule? As cool as it is to get Rockets and blow things up I love the competitive aspect that you will get when everyone is using a bow an arrow until they get rifles ahaha.
  14. El Jugador yahir8w está en el servidor EE. UU#8.Us VID_20220124_215031.mp4 a hack de velocidad me mata a cada rato y también tiene hack de cambiar el cerrojo VID_20220124_215031.mp4 VID_20220124_215031.mp4 VID_20220124_215031.mp4 VID_20220124_215031.mp4
  15. Increase the amount of players on BR servers, at all times the servers are so full Screenrecorder-2022-01-25-16-52-18-828(0).mp4
  16. de mais servidores Brasileiros, apenas 3 não estão suportando todos os jogadores BRs.
  17. XRecorder_Edited_22012022_102418.mp4 Having issues connecting to EU server US server works fine but EU has this weird issue everytime.
  18. Would be nice to have the option to have a private server to learn on and make public
  19. Can you add in Asia or SouthEast Asia Servers? Joining EU or US here in my country sucks as the high ping is a problem.
  20. Sempre quando tento entrar em basicamente todos os servidores, após passar o anúncio, ele fecha e volta para a tela de servidores, e o poblema não é meu ping. @Catsbit.Dev
  21. Não consigo entrar no servidor [US] [0.3] OXIDE #2, Tentei entrar em outros servidores, e entraram normalmente, mas o Oxide #2 (que é o servidor em que estou jogando) não está mais funcionando, sendo que a cerca de 20 minutos atrás eu estava jogando nele normalmente, aí eu saí, e quando fui entrar, não entrava mais... E não, não é meu ping, até pq eu estava jogando antes, é algum poblema no servidor mesmo, pois meu amigo está sofrendo o mesmo poblema no mesmo server. @Catsbit.Dev
  22. Quando eu tento entrar em qualquer servidor, carrega, aparece um anúncio, e logo depois ele fecha, e volta para a tela dos servidores, podem me ajudar porfavor?
  23. Screenrecorder-2021-12-25-18-30-26-639.mp4 Ao tentar entrar no servidor que eu já logado com o clã, notei esse erro de falha ao entrar. Obs: Já contruimos uma base do clã no servidor que tentei entrar, deu falha ao entrar no servidor com somente 30 pessoas no server. Celular • Xiaomi Redmi note 9 PRO • 6 de RAM • Snapgragon 720G