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Survival Of The Fittest

Suggestions for the next update

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Here are my suggestions:
1: Vehicles (maybe like rideable horses or something)
Both Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox has vehicles. So maybe if you would add vehicles in this game, it'll be convenient when you find and hunt animals so that you won't have to go running away from your home, wandering in the forest finding animals and wasting your stamina and hunger bar.

2: Settings for rooms 
Such as like removing friendly fire, building damage, etc. I'd love to have this suggestion.

3: Better Game Chat
Add in-game chat settings for room owners such as deleting and pinning messages, chat cooldown, disabling messages to disappear (so that when you're afk and then you go back, you can scroll through the chat and see what the people in your room said), friendly chat (censoring mature words. This is recommended for children under 13), etc

4: Weekly Coins
(Why weekly? because 1 coin each day will be far too overpowered)

5: Player Skins!
Since Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox has player skins, then Survival Simulator should do too! Maybe you can use Gems as the currency for buying player skins (You can also add daily rewards as gems or watching an ad for 1 gem or something)

6: Revamped Map
The map we have is pretty small, so maybe if you'd expand the map and add more stuff to it, then it would be appreciated. :)

7: Last but not least, save option for rooms
Auto-saving maps is broken at the moment, so if you're not gonna fix that, then you can add this. And also maybe some map slots so that you can load a map like how you can save maps and load them in Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox.

I hope you can add these suggestions in the next update. Survival Simulator will be more fun if you would.


A Survival Simulator Fan ~~

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