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Found 16 results

  1. VanGlock


    1. Close the foundation so that they do not climb under them and do not steal loot with a bug from the first floor. 2. Add coded locks - the door is crafted without a lock, and the lock can be crafted at your choice: coded (if playing with someone) and regular (if solo) 3. The ability to create a team and invite other people, through the list (which you can also add) or directly at the meeting 4. If possible, add a voice chat. 5. Please fix the sensitivity, it's just that 2.0 does not differ even from 1.0 6. Transfer the windows from Survival Simulator or as in RUST sash (opening window (locked)) 7. Big chests, too, please add, so that you can hang a lock or combination lock. 8. To drop loot from the cabinet and chests when destroyed (borrow from RUST) 9. Improvement of buildings (stone, iron, maybe into high quality metal) 10. Air Drop can be added to a random point on the map. 11. The ability to swim, for example, with this and cargo you can add oil rigs or something like that (and then suddenly facepunch something you don't like). 12. Sights and add different types of ammunition and some kind of explosive besides rockets. I really like your game, but some bugs spoil the impression, you can add an advertisement button in the menu so that people watch it (so to speak, support) and really would like to see everything that I wrote above in the game Good luck with the implementation and development, do not abandon the project, maybe Facepunch will want to cooperate or understand that it is possible to port RUST ❤ 1. Закройте фундамент, чтобы под ними не лазили и не крали лут багом с первого этажа. 2. Кодовые замки добавьте - дверь крафтится без замка и замок можно скрафтить на выбор: кодовый(если играешь с кем-то) и обычный(если соло) 3. Возможность создать команду и приглашать других людей, через список(который тоже можете добавить) или непосредственно при встрече 4. Если есть возможность, то добавьте ещё голосовой чат. 5. Почините пожалуйста чувствительность, просто 2.0 не отличается даже от 1.0 6. Окна перенесите из Survival Simulator или как в RUST створки(открывающейся окна(на замке)) 7. Большие сундуки тоже добавьте пожалуйста, и чтобы была возможность повесить замок или кодовый замок. 8. Чтобы выпадал лут со шкафа и сундуков при разрушении(позаимствуйте из RUST) 9. Улучшение построек(камень,железо, может быть и в металл высокого качества) 10. Air Drop можете добавить в случайную точку карты. 11. Возможность плавать допустим, с этим и cargo можете добавить и нефтяные вышки или что-то подобное(А то вдруг facepunch что-то не понравиться). 12. Прицелы добавьте и разные типы патронов и взрывчатку какую-нибудь, помимо ракет. Ваша игра мне очень нравиться, но некоторые баги портят впечатление, можете добавить кнопку рекламы в меню, чтобы люди смотрели её(так сказать поддержка) и реально хотелось бы видеть в игре всё то, что я написал выше Удачи вам в реализации и развитии, не забрасывайте проект, может быть Facepunch захочет сотрудничать или поймёт что можно портировать RUST ❤
  2. Long123

    Better cars

    I'm not saying it sucks but it would be better if u add more than just 1 seat so people can ride in other people's vehicle and the ability to lock it would be nice so some guy wouldn't just walk up and snatch some player's car
  3. Hey i just want to say i love this game Soo much, actually i never found game like this before in play store and i hope u can make improve the game soon,add some anti cheat too it's weird game like Rust have a cheat,add mini copter too i love to ride mini copter ,and for the future i can say this game Will better than life after or last island of survival : unkown 15 days,i hope u can focus on this project and make this game better than any survival game,thanks
  4. Long123

    Better walls

    It needs better walls or at least a trap the wooden walls are too easy to break they can raid ur base and take all of ur stuff when ur offline or when there's no one to defend it pls add these it's kinda annoying logging in and seeing ur base destroyed
  5. Eren


    Add friend request, report player, account login, more guns, cars and map, and add modes like zombie, capture the flag, team fight, survival modes
  6. hello to whoever is reading this! I have some suggestions, some are compiled from earlier messages and others are my own. I hope you enjoy reading this, wether it's out of boredom, curiosity, or trying to get ideas. 1. transportation suggestions: a form of transportation or speeding up. some ask for cars (unrealistic in ss) but I think that anything from leather boots boosting movement speed to riding boars would work and be realistic. 2. foraging suggestions: maybe add a form of mining as of now all you can do is hit rocks and get metal/stone. cave systems would add an incentive for people to explore, and more ores would provide more time people spend on your game. 3. gun suggestions: add bullets. it's confirmed you're adding bullets, but I think that if you do you should also remove gun durability so people don't have to worry about 2 bars. another thing you might add is magazines, because as of now you can just fire weapons until they break without reloading. 4. building suggestions: maybe you should add stronger walls, such as stone or metal. wood walls aren't very strong and are easy to break into. since stone is about as common as wood, you should make it where you need a lot of stone or stone AND wood to make a stone wall. 5. combat suggestions: you should add metal armor, because leather armor being the best armor is boring af. another thing you should add is an offhand, you could use this to carry a shield (to reduce damage taken) or even wield akimbo pistols. (all it does it increase capacity and fire rate, makes longer reload and lowers accuracy) these ideas probably suck lol
  7. Here are my suggestions: 1: Vehicles (maybe like rideable horses or something) Both Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox has vehicles. So maybe if you would add vehicles in this game, it'll be convenient when you find and hunt animals so that you won't have to go running away from your home, wandering in the forest finding animals and wasting your stamina and hunger bar. 2: Settings for rooms Such as like removing friendly fire, building damage, etc. I'd love to have this suggestion. 3: Better Game Chat Add in-game chat settings for room owners such as deleting and pinning messages, chat cooldown, disabling messages to disappear (so that when you're afk and then you go back, you can scroll through the chat and see what the people in your room said), friendly chat (censoring mature words. This is recommended for children under 13), etc 4: Weekly Coins (Why weekly? because 1 coin each day will be far too overpowered) 5: Player Skins! Since Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox has player skins, then Survival Simulator should do too! Maybe you can use Gems as the currency for buying player skins (You can also add daily rewards as gems or watching an ad for 1 gem or something) 6: Revamped Map The map we have is pretty small, so maybe if you'd expand the map and add more stuff to it, then it would be appreciated. :) 7: Last but not least, save option for rooms Auto-saving maps is broken at the moment, so if you're not gonna fix that, then you can add this. And also maybe some map slots so that you can load a map like how you can save maps and load them in Sandbox 3D and Cubic Sandbox. I hope you can add these suggestions in the next update. Survival Simulator will be more fun if you would. Sincerely, A Survival Simulator Fan ~~
  8. Survival simulator has your largest amount of downloads, and the most potential. If you look in the comment sections of your YouTube channel, you can see that many children are asking for many to be honest... "ambitious" suggestions. In this section I will be talking about anti-cheat and more realistic suggestions. to be frank,survival simulator needs better anti-cheat. there are too many hackers and people cheating. You might want to encourage the youtube community, as it has brought many people to survival simulator. on play store, there is a copy of your game, but made worse "Forest survival" by it's survival sim, but without hunger and they added zombies. Maybe make it possible to loot bodies to like animals. There is a bug where if you get on top of a deer or boar it cannot move. Maybe check out og peace's YouTube channel for ideas too. The biggest problem, I would say are the hackers. If you play it, you will see people asking for hackers to give them free stuff. I got an account just so I could say that the hackers figured out how to kick an owner from the game while leaving a server running. They crashed my game. Maybe make pvp-off servers availible too? Sorry if this is too long
  9. Hello everyone of this forum! Today a new topic fora great "up" for the game. I would like to you read this post at the bottom of it. Thank you! Thaked: Dandan We have the concept of a new generation sandbox game. But the fact that he is a new generation does not mean that he has to stop there. I think an excellent way to make others want to play it would be to add the PC version. Yes, that is the idea. More people use mobile devices to play games, while PC users are less. Even so, it is not so complicated that it is a great addition, as there are games recognized with this system: Multiplatform! I use the PC to play some games, and I know that many of them have first person, especially if we talk about shooting games. I am not influencing the first person view. I'm just giving an opinion. In short, without adhering to many new objects, vehicles or maps, this is a way to get players with more surprises (which players like a lot). As players like updates and news ... this is my opinion for the increase in downloads; PC version! ^ ^
  10. This is a list of things i would like in the game to be 1- A Item That makes players can't build in a medium radius because when u make a house players can easily trap you whit ladders or even trap u inside. Also ladders are mostly hard to break, because if u use a gun the shots just bypasses the wood, the only way for me is white and axe or a bow. 2- A workbench, this makes crafting be more faster (depending on the item). 3- placeable torch, I this I'm meaning that u can put torch (in walls,doors,etc) it would give a decorative touch to a house.
  11. This game has HUGE building potential, especially after you added furniture. The update stimulated me to build. But alas, the prop limit fucked up my fun. So, I love cities. I try to build cities in every sandbox game I get to play. And this game has all the tools - Building blocks, furniture, large maps. But because of the prop limit, all I can build is a TINY FUCKING VILLAGE! I know that you try to meet everyones' demands, but I have a phone that CAN handle more than 1000 props. Seriously! The prop limit is so low, a SINGLE HOTEL is enough to reach it! You once told me that you were planning to add "Expanded Mode", and that's a damn good idea! This is EXACTLY what the community wants! Please, add this mode! If you do, I'll tell God to get you a free space in Heaven. I hope my prayers had been heard.
  12. there is nothing to talk about this. you need to be able to select how much build limit is it can be 0_Unlimited...
  13. Can you guys add military helicopters and add some weapons other that just that pistol oh and please add the ban button to ban that person from joining over and over again please
  14. Very nice game! I can tell that a lot of work (and time) went into the game! Now for my suggestions: 1. Add a passenger seat on a car, so that it people are playing together, they can travel together! 2. Add a speedometer, or some sort of speed indicator, when you are driving a car. 3. Add some sort of boost pad that you can place on the ground and on ramps. Currently, you are not able to drive up the ramps (if it is possible, let me know how!), and a strategically placed boost pad would do just the trick! If you have any questions about my suggestions, or want me to explain further, let me know! Thanks!