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Gun Tweaks (some needed for balancing)

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Assault rifle: Not any flaws that I can see but the damage is a bit low, and though the rate of fire is high the recoil, flash, and inaccuracy more than makes up for that, basically I suggest that the accuracy be improved a bit.

Shotgun: The shotgun has a couple problems, it seems you reduced the number of pellets shot and I think they should be increased, next its ammo and usage. It uses shotgun shells, if course, but uses 2 at once. It's a single barrel shotgun anyway, but to fix it and keep the shotgun feel you should keep its capacity as 2 shots, but make it consume only 1 per shot. Secondly, please have it shoot more pellets per shot, more of a personal suggestion.

Revolver: The model is strange, it doesn't fit with the rest of the game. Balance wise, it's probably the best all-around weapon. Its sights are hard to use, but that's more of a personal problem.

Hunting Rifle: this is the most obviously flawed weapon. It uses shotgun shells, when obviously it should not. You should have it consume 5.56 rounds or add another type of round for it. And for the most realism and practicality, its capacity should be anywhere from 1 to 5 rounds. Like others, I agree it should have a proper scope.

Rocket Launcher: The new and most fun weapon, but its ammo is very, very expensive. Could you please halve the cost of crafting the rockets? Or have them do reduced damage to players and correspondingly reduce the crafting cost?

I hope you'll read all of this as they're tweaks I feel are needed and none of them would be particularly hard, I'm a modder / developer myself and see no reason any of these couldn't be done with relative ease.

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So the hunting rifle and shotgun both have problems with ammo consumption, they should absolutely be fixed when you can, more so than the other guns' problems but please think about them. And about the shotgun, typically the very least amount of pellets they'd shoot is 9. The shell type pictured is 3" though so realistically it would fire 12+, and that's with 00 buckshot, with smaller pellets or birdshot it would number in the hundreds.

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