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  1. I think they may be inactive for the weekend
  2. Firestar9990


    don't they already have ladder?
  3. bro u dead or something?

  4. it happens. sad to hear still
  5. in case you haven't seen, redxmlme is the user with the most likes. but the people who are liking their posts seem to be odd, most have no content count and no profile picture, and the ones who do are just active members who liked their posts. is it possible they used alternative accounts to like their own posts? here's an example, look who liked their post: jadethehumanone and catsbit reacted, but a whole bunch of other random accounts with no posts did as well; 26 of them
  6. Firestar9990


    question: why did you reply to a topic that was almost 2 years old?
  7. you need to select it
  8. if he hit you in the head it's still oneshot
  9. that's what sleeping bag is
  10. still fun, just less improved.
  11. you can kill people with an axe