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  1. havent playes ss in a while, so I can't confirm but it sounds like it needs to be fixed quick before ppl exploit it
  2. OK. i got a Chromebook for Christmas and was wondering if i should get SS on it, thanks for telling me this.
  3. yes, but then you can kill yourself by going onto a server and telling people to do so or you can starve to death, find a bear too maybe
  4. is SS available on PC and if not will it?
  5. your not supposed to, use the stone axe you spawn with
  6. your device is slow. happens to me all the time.
  7. hevent played SS in a few months, probably not
  8. sorry for late reply, but i wanted to say i meant it as it's worse, like i know it's a copy because the aim button didn't work
  9. What I think they mean is they make very large changes
  10. The night has no purpose other than being dark. I think something that happened exclusively at night would equal out the length
  11. Then it would be too complicated and the simplicity ruined. Catsbit already said better destruction and a rocket launcher on his youtube channel though.
  12. Yes, but you have to agree that catsbit might not add these as it is hard to save servers