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  1. hmm. I don't think so but of course i'm no developer
  2. survival simulator is a good game, but if you don't fix the hackers it's ruined. what i'm trying to say is this: "nice hackers" give free duped items (which is what i am sure you did not intend to happen in SS) and "mean hackers" go around the map killing people and they have no way to defend themselves, even kicking the hacker doesn't work because they bypassed the kick filter. the only way to avoid a hacker is leaving, and if you do leave then the hackers can take owner from you, meaning that your stuff you build doesn't save on your device because the hackers saved it on theirs we need a patch ASAP for this.
  3. i speak english if auto translate did that im sorry
  4. if you leave a furnace running and press "exit" instead of "leave room" then it will save. the items in your inventory is a well known bug catsbit is trying to fix
  5. try chopping the lamp/campfire with an axe for a while. by the way, your english is fine
  6. tip: leave items in a furnace running, press exit (not leave room) and it saves.
  7. havent playes ss in a while, so I can't confirm but it sounds like it needs to be fixed quick before ppl exploit it
  8. OK. i got a Chromebook for Christmas and was wondering if i should get SS on it, thanks for telling me this.
  9. yes, but then you can kill yourself by going onto a server and telling people to do so or you can starve to death, find a bear too maybe
  10. is SS available on PC and if not will it?
  11. your not supposed to, use the stone axe you spawn with
  12. your device is slow. happens to me all the time.
  13. hevent played SS in a few months, probably not
  14. sorry for late reply, but i wanted to say i meant it as it's worse, like i know it's a copy because the aim button didn't work