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Here are some ideas I have for future updates to make this game mind blowing for a mobile game 

-make the character model better he is a little scary looking ngl

-increase the amount of wood you can get by a hatchet because it’s way to grindy just to get a 2 x 2 base down

-make the gas stations bigger and you can find smaller crates in the shelfs

-add a recycler or two in the factory where we can turn tools and armor we don’t need into 40% of what it cost

-expand the map

-allow us to put key locks on storage boxes

-add hemp plants for cloth

-add consumables to recover our health

-fix hit detection it’s a little broken

-it’s too easy to doge bullets and arrows please fix that

-Add more resources examples would be charcoal, scrap, plant fiber and something else

-please put a stop to wall hackers they are so annoying

-add vending machines to trade with others


yeah that’s pretty much it I hope some of these will be added




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Charcoal already exist.
You just need to burn both the woods in the furnace.
But everything else is a good recommendation.
It will make the game more enjoyable and exciting.

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