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The Anti-Cheat is way out of control and ruining the game for hundreds of people, this error may just be the downfall of a short lived hit, this is no exaggeration either i mean the game has brought smiles to Alot of peoples faces, and not to mention the joy of playing an actual online survival type PvP game to the hands of a whole new generation of gamers, as you may have already guessed most play this because they aren’t fortunate enough to buy games like Day-Z or RUST, and this is one of the best substitutes i have found. So please for the continuation of this GREAT Game, Disable the Anti-Cheat or Cheat Detection service ASAP, and until it’s resolved, Give Mod Abilities to certain amount of players preferably of all languages. And have them do the dirty work. With Server Moderators players can simply call out the names of the hacker or hacker’s and As a mod one could step in capture evidence of the hacks, ban the user and post it to the board for all to witness and judge if they think its fair. My new gamer tag is CyberGlitch, and i speak for all of the oxide gaming community when i say this, Give us our piece of mind an give us moderation, give us a new dawn and let the sun shine on Oxide once more.

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