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I believe a way to combat the high damage of rockets is to either of course patch their damage and splash damage output.. and or add explosives that take 30 seconds to make and use 100 gun powder(5minutes).. and takes again 2-5 (10mins 30 seconds upwards to 27 minutes 30 seconds)explosives to make one rocket this would allow bigger bases to be build new players to get a foot hold and encourage players to build up store loot and even do more eco raids.. then you could see major battles and progressions making these maps intense PvP zones it's a thought for sure because currently most bases are raided quickly by rockets because functionally it's easy to make these rockets and having no wipe which is fine because it's Small player base and not that intense you could easily get away with increasing the grind needed and the metaphorical ceiling of the game by having rockets a more scarce resource. 

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