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  1. Oh I realize it's easy enough to destroy that sort of stuff but still there could be more pressing items to add than that in my opinion lol
  2. I would say no to editable signs lol too much racism in game as is let's not let dumb people make more racist things lol.. but items you could add... Simple armour skins upgrades make leather look metal for example.. fire places .. chairs maybe... Sleeping bag skins... Door skins... Furnace skins
  3. Upon a chest breaking weather it be a floor breaking foundation rocket or pickaxe all loot inside breaks along side it this also applies to furnaces.
  4. I have to agree with a higher ceiling as well on the research table without a more extensive building system to make bases more raid proof rockets being so easily accessible makes the hight a build can be limited when a base of 28k stone upkeep can be taken out with 20 rockets which can be easily without much effort achieved in a week after a wipe having the rockets be further away would be fun. Primitive stages of the game are enjoyable allows many different aspects to the game.. obviously late game is awesome putting 18 hours daily to build up massive bases and do fun stuff is fun having more time in the starting phases is nice.. the power of clans will be tough to fight but I've seen some groups hop servers already to fight other big clans solos will be caught in the fray always. I vote keep same/increase it double what it is
  5. I agree no buying scrap to pay to win
  6. Is there any news or any thing in the works in regard to first how incredibly easy rockets are to get I'm sitting with 180 rockets right now and it's not a week from reset not a flex just saying a handful of dedicated farmers and now the entire server is wiped.. because my second question is why it's completely wiped.. is there any word on a nerf of the insane splash damage of rockets.. this tied with is there any news on if TCs will be buffed to prevent rockets splash damage from killing them from great distances.
  7. Yea I agree the fact it's been when idk a few days since reset and my clan has 5 players full researched and been giving scrap for resources now shows it's not impossible and already many others in server even with heavy pressure from us are reaching rockets
  8. Is there any way to add a few more roleplay items? Fireplaces rugs barbed tabels and chairs stuff in this purely visual based items that add depth but wouldn't need for a drastic change in the way the game is fundamentally played just to add a little substance while the rest of the deep content is tried tested and created.
  9. Anything in your hotbar will not count towards total inventory so crafting or shooting must be done with items exclusively inside the hot bar.
  10. As of late it appears that the hunting rifle now not exclusively tools are subject to same animation will "cycle" it does the animation of putting/pulling out said item often at inopportune times.
  11. SoulSorg


    During the course of a few days I have noticed a significant amount of bases subcum due to rocket raid. Now it's not even like we have raided them properly we have hit in a generally "close" area to the tool cupboard. Due to the low health of these TCS they can die very easily making a well designed base fall to a lucky rocket that didn't even break the walls of the room containing the tool cupboard.
  12. When for example you are crafting gunpowder the items is irrelevant. And you say have 300 more to go to finish but you happen to die it disappears and next person cannot loot it.. further and unfortunately I can't replicate the exact way it does it but there will be time you're crafting and the item disappears it will stay crafting but you cannot see it now an option to solve this is to log out but that's not always opportune.
  13. Bro I feel ya 130 hours work gone
  14. If you add 15 second from the moment you log off to when it takes you out of game this will hinder folks from logging in combat now the down side is if you lag our but that's not frequent enough you may get some upset folks about dieing cause they lagged but for hard PvP players this would have best of both world able to continue progress next day and prevent combat logging.