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  1. Still wish this would have a response from devs tho kinda concerning for others who could loose money
  2. Lol there's no way for me to remove this eh I mean I like the game just when you get sped raid there's a level of rage involved I'm glad the community is all talking about the hacks. There is still a growing population speed hackers and allegedly I currently have no proof of it physically other than raided bases with all walls and doors and no extra people on my TC so there must be a wall hack again I've got some folks trying to record it but the desire to grind for bases is getting low due to rampant hackers but hopefully more community members to post on like you said Antony the same topic
  3. These ideas are actually decent for sure
  4. SoulSorg


    I actually have seen this as well
  5. I'm not so sure it needs updating if you PvP actually decent players it's fun and a challenge if it's a noob obviously it's easy
  6. I think that's a good idea would solve alot of little issues that cheaters use like using foundations and even some have found a way to log and teleport from their spot when combat logging
  7. Problem is there's a few of them and alot of associated people they legit speed hack raided us the other day it's jokes now there's also no name hackers so something's got to be done at very least a button to report players when they are hacking so a idk admin or something can come to the server when there is a multitude of reports on a single player over a course of time to check and see first hand if this means there needs to be mods made then so be it cause it's getting real greasy.
  8. SoulSorg


    Where or how do I submit a claim to get my money I paid into this game refunded there's been countless reports of speed hackers for weeks and weeks now the fact there's been no response from the dev team is ridiculous and so I want my money back I'm not supporting a inactive team of Devs I realize it's an alpha but at least talk to us and let the community know a smidge of what's going on in regards to this stuff and there hasn't ridiculous.
  9. I'm going to come off angry cause frankly I am you guys need to figure out what's going on with these hacks and how to actually prevent it there is speed hacks which people can go insanely fast and farm doing it making a huuuge difference between regular folks and not not to mention the now functionally defunct version of the hack where you can jump much higher. Like it's really bad now days and it's ridiculous the fact ya'll haven't programed a stop by now is horrible they are everywhere completely ruins the game absolute trash man.
  10. There needs to be a way to secure your account since there is money potentially involved in a given account.
  11. Yea I've seen it as well both being online and one is the real guy not a ride person other is for sure trying to make him look bad.
  12. Oh I realize it's easy enough to destroy that sort of stuff but still there could be more pressing items to add than that in my opinion lol
  13. I would say no to editable signs lol too much racism in game as is let's not let dumb people make more racist things lol.. but items you could add... Simple armour skins upgrades make leather look metal for example.. fire places .. chairs maybe... Sleeping bag skins... Door skins... Furnace skins