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    My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
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    Hey Meow Team it's me again: I don't know if you added the chat codes or if you used a template for the chat with them in, nevermind it's like giving me flashbacks to HTML5 but here you go: MAKE IT A BIG BOI This one allows you to change the size of "Text", you can replace "500" with whatever you want. Even with negative numbers: <size=500>Text</size> MAKE IT GO RAINBOW With this you can write in colors. You can replace replace "red" with a few other colors in lower case and every hey code: <color=red>Text</color> MAKE A UNCLICKABLE HYPERLINK That means usually if you click the text it opens a website or calls a number, but here it's only makes your text go blue (Because "a" is so short you can make small names in blue with it): <a>Text</a> MAKE EVERYONE HATE YOU This will but all the text messages, player and server names together to a random positioned message: <quad> Like this it would be just small, so: You can add the other codes to make it big and/or colorfully: <quad color=red size=1000> =============================== I think you should remove this with unity or whatever you are using, because it really can make players go mad! By the way would be nice if I can be support in the forum I really would like to help the users here(of course I can do this like this too but it isn't official like this)!
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    We've fixed this for the next update.