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  1. @Faeton можно подробнее? Это происходит с конкретной дверью или шкафом, или проблема наблюдается на всех объектах? Помог ли перезаход на сервер?
  2. Catsbit.Dev

    PvP Bug

    The problem will persist on devices with iOS. We are already releasing an update for iOS with a bug fix.
  3. Catsbit.Dev

    PvP Bug

    After restarting the servers, the bug should be fixed
  4. Catsbit.Dev

    PvP Bug

    @JMRVRGS, thanks for the video report, we are working on fixing this bug.
  5. @Emo Johnny, we have already fixed this bug. In the next client update it will be gone.
  6. We can't do anything yet without video evidence. We continue to test the anti-cheat against the speedhack and will soon fix the problem with false positives. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience, the game is still in early alpha version.
  7. Problem still exists? This may be due to a weak Internet connection.
  8. Restart the game and check again, the update window should no longer appear
  9. Catsbit.Dev


    Hi, this is a bug that we fixed in a new update, which will be released within an hour
  10. Уже исправили, в следующем обновлении все будет ок
  11. If the original creator deprived you of the privilege of building objects, then there was a reason for that
  12. We've fixed this for the next update.