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  1. It would be illegal for them to hire you
  2. Click the little flag on the post to report it, this is f*cking spam and why did you post this in this forum?
  3. I think a that big amount of players would cause very big laggs!
  4. That's definitely a good idea, that's the in future hopefully added account system (+ clan system)
  5. Like you hopefully know the pistol is the only weapon, I personally think catsbit is currently developing the whole mechanism, they didn't made it too complex now so you can have the pistol faster!
  6. Right now you can disable the build permission for players through the admin panel! My hint if you want to build maps: Make a server with a password or go into Singleplayer, if your build is completed you can save it through the pause menu, and then load it into a server!
  7. That's a great suggestion! Would be useful if you could hide the HUD too, so you can make short films for YouTube!
  8. Good idea! But there's one problem: if there are too many items on the ground the game would start to get lower fps for u and/or other players... That's the technic spammers are abusing... Now think what spammer could do if there wouldn't be a build limit...
  9. Hey! I don't know if you mean the problems with your eyes really, but I think catsbit will see this soon! Keep up with ideas like this! A daylight cycle is very realistic-fying the game!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion! Catbits will see this very soon I think! The idea of a Multi-Passanger vehicle is super creative! Keep up making such suggestions to improve the game!
  11. Currently there are many bugs and glitches which aren't fixed, one of the problems is look/pass through usually solid material! I think specially this one will be fixed in the next updates!
  12. I just posted something about this problem in your topic in Questions!
  13. Good morning AriaE! I really don't know what could be the problem from the games site, but I know you will automatically disconnect if your internet connection is too slow or your device disconnects from the internet! Hope I could help you!
  14. Hello afy! Currently there aren't many effective possibilities to identify who is a "SRS" member, so nobody can do much... If they are bulling you and other users try not to get in touch with the SRS clan... If they are threatening or harass you look if the police can help you! Like this I could talk to you and try to higher your happiness! But my oral English isn't the best so I don't think I could help much. Try to stay positive, just let them do their business and don't mind them!
  15. Hey PotatoFarm! Catsbit is currently developing something secret new! But that means next sandbox updates will take a little while longer!
  16. I think I have to disappoint you, because there is no account system yet the game could only save data through local files (but that would mean you easily could cheat skins, cars, motorcycles and helicopters), so the game don't know your Ingame progress if it's updated. But I hope I could help you with this somehow!
  17. Hey Meow Team it's me again: I don't know if you added the chat codes or if you used a template for the chat with them in, nevermind it's like giving me flashbacks to HTML5 but here you go: MAKE IT A BIG BOI This one allows you to change the size of "Text", you can replace "500" with whatever you want. Even with negative numbers: <size=500>Text</size> MAKE IT GO RAINBOW With this you can write in colors. You can replace replace "red" with a few other colors in lower case and every hey code: <color=red>Text</color> MAKE A UNCLICKABLE HYPERLINK That means usually if you click the text it opens a website or calls a number, but here it's only makes your text go blue (Because "a" is so short you can make small names in blue with it): <a>Text</a> MAKE EVERYONE HATE YOU This will but all the text messages, player and server names together to a random positioned message: <quad> Like this it would be just small, so: You can add the other codes to make it big and/or colorfully: <quad color=red size=1000> =============================== I think you should remove this with unity or whatever you are using, because it really can make players go mad! By the way would be nice if I can be support in the forum I really would like to help the users here(of course I can do this like this too but it isn't official like this)!
  18. Dear Cats of the developers my suggestion: You can apply for a YouTuber rank if you reached a few goals (for example 1000 subscribers, a few sandbox 3d videos...) With this rank people have a colored name and for example [YT] in front of their name! And if you're on the playerlist you got a YouTube icon, if you click it it opens the players channel... Of course you first need the hopefully soon created account system (login, databases...) for this. And by the way: How can I apply as support in the forum? I really would like to help other players!
  19. Uhh... There is a discord server its not an official, but: https://discord.me/sandbox3d Im an admin in this server, if u Catsbit want the server to make changes or want the server gets deleted pls let me know: herrhypnose@hotmail.com or therealclave#8842
  20. Like i heard in other posts and in the Sandbox Code you will make a login system in the next Update... If its right, you can make ranks for staff. If you do this i want to applicate to moderator or supporter. To explain: The ranks can kick for example people Out of Server without be the owner, or delete Servers... And a little suggest: Ban Function and custom ban/kick message Thanks for reading Your ђђאקภ๏รє