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    I think you guys should upload more on you’re YouTube channel so we can have more faith in future updates
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    Hey @Catsbit.Care Ok so I’m wondering if you can shed some light on the restarts. If possible id like to know exactly when they are, and how often. Coz of the door bug, making doors disappear. Also can you please tell us what is supposed to happen after a wipe? All bases supposed to disappear? Because some stay and some go. Does a Tool cupboard make any difference? Thankyou
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    Hi, can u add a craftable keypads for people who wanna play with friends or stuff like that!
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    Well code locks are a good idea to add Instead of key locker
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    I meant code locks like In rust for multiple people
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    Can you please add so we can place our torch in our left hand so we can farm and do other stuff at night and not sit in our bases doing nothing
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    Yeah bigger maps might be better
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    Does it have anything to do with the amount of available resources on the map? The more people playing, more trees chopped down, and server needs to refresh resources? If thats true, then bigger maps would help have longer periods between restarts no? @Catsbit.Care
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    It would be nice .If FREE LOOK will be added on gameplay. U can look Other direction ,but it will not interrupt your Movement direction ,Farming ,Building ,Etc.
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    Good idea it's realy useful
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    Let’s us be able to remove walls doors floors etc with the hammer because when I want to build a base I don’t have metal so I use wooden doors and then when I want to upgrade everything including the door I have to either destroy the doors or make another base and this will also be helpful if you accidentally mess up and place a wall in the wrong space
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    Please fix the rocket splash damage it's too broken tbh