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  1. My suggestion is to prepare a nice welcome message for me when I return after the next update. @xAnonyPowerZ @Rose90 @Poggers @Emo Johnny/Bones 4 best players in the game
  2. im pretty sure CATSBIT dont need your help HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh man i cringe
  3. you exposed yourself HAHA thats how you kill people. see, if i see somebody playing the game in a way that i dont like, i do not speak of it. because they can play how they want to play. but you be dictating and name calling and its just really weird and makes me uncomfortable, as though youre in a competition. learn to relax. and look at yourself before you name call other people.
  4. I will defend Catsbit…..They MADE oxide?….do you not even appreciate that? All i said is that they are correct. They cant ban on heresay, then everyone will be banned for nothing at all. Wake up bro. and dont tell me to shutup, im ur dad.
  5. Catsbit is right. Imagine if I asked everyone in Discord to accuse someone of hacking without proof and banning all the people we dont like. If you dont like losing all your stuff, then try and work around that. Use a second account to hold your items.
  6. Interesting. So thats how you kill people huh. You take advantage of a bad connection and wait till their body stops moving. So the target is still. Oh that sounds pretty easy. dont worry, i wont tell anyone your secret champ. @xAnonyPowerZ
  7. oh man, my english is so broken from trying to communicate with all these people speaking different languages wow.
  8. Sometimes when we try to message you guys @Catsbit.Care, i may have sent a 5.66MB clip, and the pop up that says -200 upload failed
  9. Oh the video works for me, i had to tap it a few times and try ffwd DAMN poggers thats horrible.
  10. “Jame$ is not receiving messages”
  11. Hey james i actually have a solution to this.
  12. For him no. for me and others im not sure.