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  1. @Catsbit.CareLEVEL HARD is on US2 right now
  2. I was actually there to witness @Welynprintand LEVEL HARD have a battle Wely had a hatchet and leathers, and LEVEL HARD had AR wely was crouching to be submissive, and LEVEL HARD felt awkward by this, and decided to kill wely. Because a leather, should be able to protect themselves, but wely was afraid at this time because he just battle me and his health was very low. Wely circumnavigated the map 20 times zig zagging, so i figured he has loot, so i killed him and he only have 20 sticks. and i feel bad now because if he is protecting 20 sticks, he must be very poor. My apologies @Welynprint @xAnonyPowerZ
  3. @Welynprint @xAnonyPowerZ Good response. I’ll make sure the frame rate isnt slow. The server i play on has the lowest ping for me, so it makes do. But the thing is, this isn’t about connection. I can upgrade to stone 100% of the time without error. And my stone to iron works 2/10 times.
  4. @Catsbit.Care Please fix this bug it stole almost 1000 fragments from me. When you upgrade stone to steel, you hear the sound, you get kicked out, return back to game, and wall is still stone, and fragments are gone. I restart my game and try to upgrade again, same thing happens. This needs to be fixed asap plz and thankyou.
  5. So I have found a pattern. I found a base, no TC. so I put my own tc and door on the base. kicked. any time i go NEAR this base, with my tc and door, i get kicked. i can open the door, but have to close it so quick and then get kicked again. same with my own base. the doors man Hope this helps @Catsbit.Care @xAnonyPowerZ
  6. HEY HE HAD WOODEN ARMOUR also people go naked to disguise they have loot. they see someone coming and they put axe away and use hatchet. lol
  7. what about introducing harry potter items to the game. the factory in the middle can be hogwarts. and instead of walking we can fly on broomsticks. and we can attend potions classes. play quidditch…and find voldemort.
  8. @xAnonyPowerZAlso there is a bug which allows you to enter large bases and i havent seen anyone mention it before. I shall message .care about it.
  9. Funny how i mentioned night mare in game a month ago and everybody told me to stop crying and stop complaining. now its too late he told us he just downloaded the hacks. this was when we first villaged.
  10. elimination process initiated 10%……15%……