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  1. To bad catsbit isn’t gonna do anything about it
  2. They barley reply to anyone on this forum except for oxide witch kind of make sense since that is their newest project but still
  3. We do not need FNAF skins
  4. Fruitado

    Why catsbit?

    How has this game been 4 years old and it is still in alpha and it has barley changed
  5. Bold for you to assume they will make another update for this game
  6. here Are a few ideas I have for this wonderful game -make more dense forests -add more barrels along the road -allow us to change our username - fix hit detection
  7. When I put a key lock on a door the key lock disappear and I can’t place another one on that door please fix this because I can’t build a base because of this bug meaning I can’t even play the game and this happened two times and I am a little frustrated right now
  8. Fruitado

    Please help

    Every time I try to join a server it kicks me out and I don’t know how to fix it
  9. Since you guys said that the new update will come before Christmas and you have a lot planned already I can’t help but to ask what’s in the upcoming update I would love it if you guys would respond
  10. So what did you guys planned for the up coming update I’m just curious
  11. Since you made that voting poll and more people voted yes the question is will we get pve servers
  12. Here are some ideas I have for future updates to make this game mind blowing for a mobile game -make the character model better he is a little scary looking ngl -increase the amount of wood you can get by a hatchet because it’s way to grindy just to get a 2 x 2 base down -make the gas stations bigger and you can find smaller crates in the shelfs -add a recycler or two in the factory where we can turn tools and armor we don’t need into 40% of what it cost -expand the map -allow us to put key locks on storage boxes -add hemp plants for cloth -add consumables to recover our health -fix hit detection it’s a little broken -it’s too easy to doge bullets and arrows please fix that -Add more resources examples would be charcoal, scrap, plant fiber and something else -please put a stop to wall hackers they are so annoying -add vending machines to trade with others yeah that’s pretty much it I hope some of these will be added
  13. When we farm metal nodes we should get a smaller chance to get high quality metal ores and could be used to craft more advanced items
  14. Fruitado


    Add a chainsaw witch is the upgrade after metal axe. The chainsaw will be able to cut trees down faster but will make more noise and will require fuel to use
  15. Fruitado


    Add more monuments to the game to give us more places to explore here are some ideas more gas stations warehouses satellite dish nuclear power plant scrapyard launch site oil rigs abandon houses
  16. I think the gas station should be a bit larger and you should be able to find smaller crates in the shelves of the gas station
  17. When we eat raw meat we should get a poison effect and lose health overtime this will make cooked meat have more of a purpose because you can eat raw meat and be fine and never need to worry about cooking it
  18. Can you please change how the wooden helmet looks it literally a box on the players head
  19. Make oxide more of a competitive pvp game and ss to be more of a pve game to play with friends
  20. Fruitado

    New GANS?

    Were did you find this photo? Is this gun already in the game?
  21. I meant in the future will we be able to make our own servers