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  1. I would play the game for pvp if it wasn’t shit seriously why is the pvp so bad in this game y’all devs need to dedicate an entire update to fix pvp
  2. This update better be worth the wait
  3. Seriously what is taking forever?
  4. Where’s the damn update?
  5. I think the real question is when will the update be out and how much content will be in it?
  6. What is the server name
  7. Fruitado


    I could care less about new weapons I just want more maps and building options
  8. Fruitado


    It is truly depressing how amazing the game could’ve been
  9. Cry about it see if that’s gonna change anything
  10. Idk man it’s gonna stay like that for a while or maybe even for 5 years or so there is no hope that they will update this or there other games beside oxide
  11. Fruitado

    Abandoned us?

    Look I know you guys are busy with oxide and stuff and that you moved in to a new office but this is straight up unacceptable how you treat your fans like this
  12. Fruitado

    Abandoned us?

    *crickets* your testing my patience Catsbit
  13. To bad catsbit isn’t gonna do anything about it
  14. They barley reply to anyone on this forum except for oxide witch kind of make sense since that is their newest project but still
  15. We do not need FNAF skins
  16. Fruitado

    Why catsbit?

    How has this game been 4 years old and it is still in alpha and it has barley changed
  17. Bold for you to assume they will make another update for this game
  18. here Are a few ideas I have for this wonderful game -make more dense forests -add more barrels along the road -allow us to change our username - fix hit detection
  19. When I put a key lock on a door the key lock disappear and I can’t place another one on that door please fix this because I can’t build a base because of this bug meaning I can’t even play the game and this happened two times and I am a little frustrated right now
  20. Fruitado

    Please help

    Every time I try to join a server it kicks me out and I don’t know how to fix it