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    1. Wooden signs (to color, make art, or label with clan tags). Ranging from small -50 wood to craft, medium 100 wood to craft and large signs 200 wood to craft. Maybe make it lockable so no one can color/edit over or just tc accessible. 2. Stone walls (not climb able). 3. More items to buy in the shop (other than just Christmas items) (The wooden signs would be a big hit for sure!) People can craft a ton, make a art gallery or decorate their bases (inside and out). We could hold contests for best art ? ❀ or exchange in game currency (metal/sulfer) for a master artist to paint. The sky's the limit with wooden signs. Thanks for reading. ? ? ?
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    Inclusive esse mesmo jogador "naosougringo" usa hacker em vΓ‘rias contas. O tempo todo vejo esse mano falando merda. ?
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    I have noticed that it some time happens due bad internet connection. Rose Try to play some other games like pubg , pubg new state etc and see it you face any problem there if yes you have problem in your internet connection .I have tried pubg new state i was facing connection issue and when my internet got good , i have not face this ad glitch issue.
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    Yes, I 2nd this. Shit starter axe is shit quality farming with one of these until you get a better axe. And since the update of the workbench now it takes even longer to aquire the good axe. So a 2x server would be dope.
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    I want you to add items falling out of chests and stoves because when raiding with a rocket, they simply break and loot disappears, this is not profitable. And I would also like different types of machine guns and pp
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    Mano esse cara fikava na minha base me chamando de macaquinho e macaco fodido isso estΓ‘ me desanimado muito de jogar tanto que hj nem quis jogar mais ok nΓ© .
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    Olha, o jogador cometeu racismo e não foi só nesse momento que eu tirei print. Eu mandei a prova e gostaria que ele fosse banido, em outros jogos os jogadores são banidos por causa disso. Silenciar este jogador não vai fazer com que ele pare de falar frases racistas no chat, se eu fizesse isso eu iria apenas me calar diante de tal ato. Obrigado pela atenção.
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    Catsbit it is random for me. I have noticed improvement for me over last 2 days so it does not happen as much. A couple of examples: -I'm in base smelting and crafting. I notice my crafting window is bugged to where I can't see countdown or new things I've placed. So I will disconnect from game, close out and reopen. When trying to join it will ad glitch me. Sometimes for hours and hours, sometimes I can get in after a few tries. - I am building, walking, standing etc. The game will crash suddenly and close. I close everything out to rejoin and it ad glitches me for hours. I have a Galaxy s10+ Like I've said, I have noticed improvements the last couple of days. When any of the above and more has happened,I've been able to rejoin after about 3 tries or so. Also when the ad glitching happens, I am able to join any other server, besides the one I'm glitched from. Thank you Catsbit for all your efforts!
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    Hi, You can always mute this player
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    Yeah so my opinion is as follow for scrap costs. β€’ Revolver 200 & * Ammo 250 β€’ Hunting rifle 400 & [ New type Ammo 7,62 ] 550 β€’ Shotgun 250 & Shotgun shells 300 β€’ Assault rifle 500 & Ammo 5,56 650 β€’ RPG 700 & Rocket 1000 Unlock way of next Weapon You first need to unlock the weapon and the Ammo before you can research the next weapon. The reason for this is to make Assault rifle + Rifle and RPG the real End game weapons. Reason for high scrap costs? 1. Well the reason is as follow. This will make not only what I said above the reason but players will use more often the Revolver and Shotgun. 2.this will bring more use of both of the weapons. 3.Higher cost is just so that it will take longer to get the weapons. This is the option of mine. Decrease or increase the amount of the scrap is always a thing to talk about. Greetings xAnonyPowerZ @Catsbit.Care What's your opinion? ?
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    Hey guys to fix this problem use the old fix *Add 1 plank in the tc
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    I'm dont play until the next update. To make sure others are having a great time in the game. Since I kill them all and they have 0 changes to kill me?
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    Next update will be with bugs fixed (already on moderation)
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    No support for keyboard and mouse. Developer had said about this. Its not fair for mobile player.
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    Hey. @Darkspy Yea it's true alot of people Disconnect when they even get 1% Damage. Or if they have low hp. Wana give you a tip. Always aim fast for the head. If you see them stand still for 1sec pray AK on his face and wait 10min for his return. Or build him in and make it fully stone. Always walk with rocket laughter on you they will dc in front of you. 1 less to waste resources on. Ak 》 Wait until they are farming wood/ores. And pray full clip on his head or back. 15shots kills a leather. Hope this helps you how you can deal with them.