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  1. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @Catsbit.Guard Where are you Catsbit? There have been zero hacker reports done sine April 10. Why? The same hackers run around every day destroying your game. They are aware that you all are not doing reports and that there are little to no repercussions! We report in game, we show proof on forums but it does no good because you all always seem to be missing in action. You tell some people in direct messages that an update in coming in April. Those same people go spread it to the community to get everyone excited for it. However you all stay silent to the public and don't announce anything. The lack of effort on your end is becoming increasingly frustrating. Say something... Please! Your game has great potential as you know but for years now our biggest complaints have been hackers and lack of communication on catsbits end. Surely you all can get organized and create a better system to take care of the things that need to be done. We also want to have warnings when wipes are happening! A four hour notice is not fair! Some invest money in your game and do not want to waste coins again and a surprise wipe happens! I have been with you all since the start and have always tried to help the game grow and be better. Please read my words and take them seriously, it is how many of us feel. Please do more for your community! Thank you for your time!
  2. Bellaa

    Add sleepers

    Hackers are everywhere still! We do not want sleepers added until hackers are gone which will probably never happen.
  3. Player: [P9] diti:) Player ID: 3F7AC4A604EC5D15 Server: US 24 Aimbotting @Catsbit.Guard
  4. Player: [LG] я нубик33 Player ID: 21905D3A82086CB3 Server: US 24 Aimbotting @Catsbit.Guard
  5. Player: [DST][DsT]C04EL Player ID: 1487A5B0EE2788C0 Server: US 24 Aimbotting @Catsbit.Guard
  6. Player: нурдА 3атынд Player ID: 9DAA72CB1CAC3847 Server: US 24 Aimbotting @Catsbit.Guard
  7. We are still waiting for a response. We have offered to share footage of any event in question to prove his innocence. @Catsbit.Guard
  8. Here's the next video of us fighting same hacker clan. Mine and Max's PoV. The next video being released is them aimbotting 3 different clans over and over.
  9. Hello. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I would also like to point out that all the hacker reports I post are 95% max's PoV (and I've post ALOT over the last 3 years), the rest are teammates. Also nearly every single video on my YT page is Mad Maximus pov or mine. Every video is tagged so you can see. Please go see for yourself. Surely if he was a hacker, he would have hacked when an entire clan of hackers came to raid us multiple times. Those videos are also on YT, that hacker clan is still on US 24 trying to torment us along with the other hacker clans. All we do all day is fight hackers. I'm still in shock Max is banned. We have always been muggles. I still have hopes that Catsbit will make this right. We've done a lot to help support this game. He is innocent.
  10. Thank you. Several hours after I posted this, it finally started to work for everyone again. Seems to be fine now. 🙂
  11. Hello. Server US 24 has an issue right now. Everyone is constantly getting kicked because of connection and nearly everyone has a red signal! It's basically unplayable right now for nearly everyone. Please troubleshoot this asap. It's been having problems for hours now. Same players from US 24 are on other servers testing them, they seem to be working just fine. Please fix! Thank you! @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care
  12. @Catsbit dev@Catsbit.Care A response would be appropriate and appreciated! Thank you.
  13. I've seen it all now catsbits. So are you mad at us or something? You deleted my hacker reports today and then ban my husband today. Am I next? We have played this game for nearly 3 years. Have played fair and honorable. Reported hackers, supported and have help mold this game and keep players interested. Everytime I see someone whine that they've been banned, I've always assumed they're were full of crap. Now I KNOW you all get it wrong. Max is a muggle and does not hack. I'm extremely disappointed with you all for banning innocent people. We fight the hackers every day and plead with you endlessly to ban them. They are STILL there and mess with us daily. We fight them anyways against the odds and you ban innocent while they run rampant.
  14. @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care