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  1. Yes but it still happens constantly. This very moment it's happening.
  2. I disagree! Sometimes I need to multitask while playing. Maybe in discord talking to my clan,maybe cooking, maybe just need to rest my eyes for a moment etc. What about the scenario of someone suiciding, trying to get their gear and items back on. What about just finishing a pvp battle and trying to pick up loot. Upon returning, bags are no longer there which means those items are lost. My opinion 10 seconds is not enough time depending on what you are doing in that moment.
  3. Please make the restart timer longer! 10 seconds is not enough time depending on what you are doing! It is stressing us out lol. Thank you kindly for considering!
  4. Hello Catsbits, I know others have brought to your attention already but I would also like to. Please please catsbit change how players can just disconnect in the heat of a battle. We spend all day fighting players just for them to disconnect right before death. We are either forced to camp them or let them go.
  5. I disconnected from the game for just a moment. Tried to re enter and I keep getting servers not found.
  6. This has happened to me too. During this time, my teammates can still see me in game and I take damage although I was kicked from game. Also, our characters appear in the world BEFORE the ad finishes. We tested it and the person stuck watching the ad does take damage! It would be great if you all could figure out a way to fix this. We should not be able to be hit until ad is over and we are actually in game able to see what's happening. Thank you.
  7. Catsbit it is random for me. I have noticed improvement for me over last 2 days so it does not happen as much. A couple of examples: -I'm in base smelting and crafting. I notice my crafting window is bugged to where I can't see countdown or new things I've placed. So I will disconnect from game, close out and reopen. When trying to join it will ad glitch me. Sometimes for hours and hours, sometimes I can get in after a few tries. - I am building, walking, standing etc. The game will crash suddenly and close. I close everything out to rejoin and it ad glitches me for hours. I have a Galaxy s10+ Like I've said, I have noticed improvements the last couple of days. When any of the above and more has happened,I've been able to rejoin after about 3 tries or so. Also when the ad glitching happens, I am able to join any other server, besides the one I'm glitched from. Thank you Catsbit for all your efforts!
  8. At least once or twice a day I get ad glitched. It's extremely frustrating. Can take hours and hours to get back in
  9. We have had it happen to us before. You can hear the invisible players but can not see them.
  10. Catsbit,it looks like the same name from the invisible man post you commented on earlier.
  11. Bellaa

    Chat glitch

    I also experience this. The only way to fix for me is to log out and in. Which I don't do anymore because then I get ad glitched.
  12. Bellaa

    Crash after ad

    Update to @Catsbit.Care. Not only am I still experiencing the ad glitch; Now when I am in game, it will glitch me out and when I try to log in, it says already logged in. This is a constant problem for me (and others). Do you all know when we can expect it to be fixed?
  13. Please permanently ban ENOC. He has been caught multiple times cheating across many servers. I have personally witnessed it too. Please make it where he cant return again. Thank you catsbit.
  14. Hello again Catsbit. The Game keeps crashing for me after the ad again. Been trying for a while already to get back on.
  15. Bellaa

    PvP Bug

    Also when suiciding, it disconnects you, your bag disappears and it throws you randomly in map when you reconnect your naked with no stuff. You may already know this but just in case.