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  1. Thank you kindly! Have a great day! 🙂
  2. @Catsbit.Care :)
  3. I received the buggy and prime status with no issues just not the tree. The attached picture is from my purchase history. I see no way to click it to show more details? I don't have any other accounts that I actively play on. I created Bellaa Gaming last year just in case I wanted to play from that (which would match my YT name) instead of my original. But I decided to stick with my original lol.
  4. Hello Catsbit. I purchased the Christmas tree back in December and the item never loaded to my account. Please see the link below.
  5. Excited for the update! Wooohoooo!! Thank you Catsbit! ???
  6. That guy aimkilled max too. He is a hacker with many powers.
  7. Bellaa


    @Catsbit.Care Player ID is at 23 seconds
  8. Did you ban koala @Catsbit.Care? He was on 20 minutes ago so I'm assuming not!! This player is a nuisance to our server and is most definitely a hacker!!
  9. Bellaa


    @Catsbit.Care A response would be appreciated. ? My reports still haven't been reviewed.
  10. Bellaa

    Speed Hacker

    I have 2 outstanding reports plus more to report to catsbit. You have responded to people that posted before and after mine. A response would be appreciated.
  11. Hello Catsbit, I understand you all are working hard on improving the game and ridding us of the coward hackers and I also understand an update is due this month! Yay! However, please I ask you all to continue reading our reports regarding the hackers and do your part in banning them. I know I have at least 2 outstanding reports that have been there for days waiting for you all to ban them. I also have more to report but don't really see the point if you all aren't going to ban them lol. Even with an update this month, we would all still appreciate you banning these people so we can enjoy our time a little bit better while we are playing. Hope you and your team are doing well. Thank you for your time, now pleeeaasseee go read our hacker reports ???
  12. Catsbit only bans with proof. Screen record the hacker and resubmit your report for a better result. Hope this helps. ?
  13. Hacker: G_U_T_L_E_R ID: 227777FD1E39ECFF Please ban, thank you! ?