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  1. Bellaa

    Update News

    Lol I'm sorrrryy. Hopefully they are behaving in my absence haha. XD
  2. Bellaa

    Update News

    I really hope this update fixes the things that need to be fixed. I miss playing Oxide and being with my friends. My whole team plans on returning once things are fixed. Finger crossed!
  3. The hackers still have their hacks Catsbit. It is hacker invested already. They can still shoot through walls, speed ,use big head, remove doors from other's bases and more. I watched my team talk about the hackers throughout the night. Nothing like sitting inside your base and being shot through a wall and dying in your own "secured" base. So I guess my break from Oxide continues, such a shame, I was going to start live streaming it on Twitch last night. Good luck Catsbit hope you can fix it soon, I miss playing.
  4. I am done playing this game until you all fix the anti cheat. I understand you are busy but the only avenue you give us against hackers is to report them (which still doesn't do much as they can create a new account). You tell us to record them and you will ban them but yet my post is over a week old with no response from you. I wish you the best and look forward to the update. Forever love to Oxide.
  5. Bellaa

    Lock bag

    Are you sure you are hitting the correct button in order to place the locks? You do NOT use the key looking button to place, you use the target looking button on the right of your screen. If you use the key button, it will eject you out of the game. Hope this fixes your problem.
  6. Hello Catsbit, Anony, As I mentioned the other day, we are at war with the chinese hackers. Please consider banning the whole country from playing your game as they seem to be the biggest culprits. There were SO many hackers. I wrote down times for you to check out and at the end of the video there are screenshots of most names. Have some of the names typed out for you as well. Hope this makes it a bit easier. Thank you. 7:30-7:45 9:15 9:49 10:14 10:34 10:44 11:11 11:38 12:00 12:12 12:42 12:47 13:00 13:20 13:30 14:20-14:50 15:39 16:26-17:15 17:25 17:48 17:56-19:19 19:42-19:56 20:20 21:08-21:24 21:32-25:51 26:30–27:54 – Lazy 28:30- Corn 30:02 30:26 Please consider banning ggggggggg9, that is intruder's new account (he is capable of ALL hacks). Thank you for your time. Hope you ban all these hackers soon!
  7. Bellaa


    Server: US 1 The Wussie Hackers Name: Intruder. This guy has every hack even the big head, x ray vision, god mode, shoot tcs through walls etc. He is the leader of the Chinese hackers. Please ban him immediately! I will have a report for you with about 20 more chinese hackers soon. We fought the chinese hacker army. Catsbit this game is over ran with hackers! You NEED to release the update even if it's only to fix the hacker problem! I hope you read this intruder, you and your people are scumbags. You have no honor and should be ashamed. We still won, losers...We will continue to foundation wipe you and your people everyday until you pick a new game or until the anti cheat is implemented. We all know when that happens you wont be able to play anymore. Who cheats on a mobile game LOL, such coward wussies! Enjoy the ban and fresh start liar.
  8. Yes it is sad that players have to go to such an extreme to hack. It's quite sad, especially for a mobile game. I hope catsbit will consider charging for the game in the future. This will prevent many people from cheating as they wont want to pay for the game again once their account is banned. I look forward to seeing what Catsbit has planned.
  9. Catsbits is aware of the cloning applications. I have actually asked them about this in the past. They said at this time it is NOT against the rules to have multiple accounts. Hope this helps.
  10. Please read your mail catsbits ... Also think it's funny this guy reports cheaters when HE cheats LOL.
  11. Please read your mail and respond to player reports. Thank you.
  12. It's been like this going on 2 days now...I've tried every thing. Resetting phone, internet, removing friends, adding friends, have tried to refresh etc. What do I do?
  13. I've had that happen before. Resetting my internet and restarting my phone usually gets me out of this lock. Try it :))