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  1. Yes, just join another server, the leave it and then get in ur server back
  2. Bruh. im gonna nuke the map
  3. Happened to me 2 times and got killed. Its happen when y r lag or smth
  4. I did it, but it said, "demolition time is up". What is that mean?
  5. Muhammad Arif


    How to break wall?
  6. Still working even get hated by a few player. Good job
  7. He said he'll use aimbot, but after i asking him, he said no. He only on hacker lol. Server: US3 Name: Pickboo ans Pickaboo(alt acc) Proof:
  8. Its good for ppl who try to log off while pvp. We can still camping that person
  9. Hi, I wanna give some suggestions for ppl who try to log of while pvp. First, can u add more time like 5-10 seccond afk after he logged? After that, can u add the sign where is the person log off? Last thing is, can u add more item to trap person after he log on again from pvp, raid etc. The item is like small gate that we can shoot from outside and the person u trapped can shoot too. Its need 30-50 stick to craft for the item that i suggestion. Hope the game is more better after the update. Bye
  10. Muhammad Arif


    Maybe urs friend list is full. Unfriend a few of urs friend. If it still doesn't work, idk