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    Hi there, We are working on our new game where it will be possible. Please follow our updates to know more.
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    Hello I would like to see some biomes/environments to the game
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    Hi there, We have a bigger project in mind on the basis of our Survival Simulator game. But shh.. it is to be kept secret Follow our updates, we will put all our cards on the table soon.
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    Hi there, This idea is very great, due to that it is useful for certain landmarks. Thank you for the suggestions. The Community, and the developers appreciate all of them. There is a chance Catsbit.Care will reply to the topic.
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    Some ideas for what to add • Weaponized Vehicles •more guns to use and pickup •more things to make houses with •fix if where you can’t enter showers •make animated objects like working tv showers or pools and hot tubs you can get in •maybe add prepared houses it’s hard to make good houses bc of the build limit •could you add a grid setting for building when you want things in a perfect place •there is a bug that I’m asking you not to fix your able to hop in a car with a buddy at the same time I call this RC like an RC car bc when one of you die you can still drive\fly it me and my girlfriend really enjoy that can you not fix that it’s a lot of fun when games have some bugs it’s more exploring to do •add a campaign my girlfriend is the only person I have so I got nobody to play with she’s not a game person so could you add that it would make lots more to do •fix motorcycles they are really nice and fast but the steering really really sucks also can you make it so they look where you look while on it bc it’s like a lego on a bike right not thank you I really enjoy the game so much but there were just a few things I had liked to ask thank you and keep updating the game your doing great!!!
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    hey can you make screen tap report becuse this game have sexual
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    Much required, must needed, emotes. I'm Jason here again, talking about something for the next update. All I want is emotes like sit, wave, 3 types of different dances and sleep. We should be able to sit on chairs, sofa and couches. We should also be able to sleep on beds like the one on the home screen.(image) also plays add the bunk bed on the homescreen(image). Thank you
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    In the next update.
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    I like the game but it’s kind of boring make it more challenging and make the Bears bigger the Bears are supershort and could you possibly add more food like make vegetables that Randomly grow in the grass that you can eat And add air drops that have good loot That certain ones like resource airdrops have good resources like metal fragments wooden planks sticks leather cloth and convert eardrops that have like guns armor food and cool air drops that have Like metal metal pick axes Spears building and Building plans And can we be able to upgrade our walls and stuff like upgrade our base to Stone
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    Hi there, What an interesting idea!
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    When you die in survival simulator you instantly die but this animation will give you a second chance by making you downed and you have a chance to be revived by your teammates and will still have your loot- one tap their body to loot the downed person and hold the body to revive them the revive time is 5 seconds hope you like this idea!
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    maybe add base upgrades and can we please lock our doors And add metal armor please and make the game for challenging it’s boring
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    Hello! I have another suggestion I would like to give y’all one is when you find a gun in survival simulator you can research it in a research table and you have have the blueprint for the weapon you researched and when you want to craft it you need the appropriate workbench for it here are some pictures of what I’m talking about thanks and keep up the great work!
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    Hello I have a lot of suggestions for your game i hope I can get a reply from an admin.To be honest I didn't play the game for a log time so correct me if I said something wrong.I would like to see more animals at the game and to add more recources to gather such as coal or something like that, I would like to see more foodsuch as plants that would be so cool I don't think athor games have this it will be good for your game. and about animals I would like seeing cows and sheeps and I would really like adding a dog that we can make him a pet that protect us from another animals. And a better crafting, such as making a crefting table or a bench mark or something we can craft amd make only simple things are craftable by hand.For now I think this is enough, I know that this is too much for a small group or company but I would like to see at least half the things I said in a big update, I think if you add more things the game will be so popular. And I would like to see a better menus and add a button for the map and the most important things custom settings for the world such as no pvp or more maps and more amount of players such as 12.I have more things I wish that you will add it in a big update or every few weeks a small update. I have a lot of hope on this game but I wish you too have because I saw a youtube video on the game from 2017 the game was almost the same I wish you are willing to make this game the best survival game on mobile last thing I wish you could add settings for the game on emulators so I can move the screen without hold pressing the left click of the mouse.
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    Hello I know I added a lot of topics today but that is because I like the game? I really want to know if you will do a big update a few weeks later ? because if you keep the small updates I will really feel bad and get bored my friends allready are bored from the game because of the gliches and there is not much we can do I hope you can make at least 1 server that is 24/7 online and 50 players can join raid each other and more
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    Add more weapons to the game and add explosives for raiding and also add places/monuments to the game the pictures below show you what I’m talking about thanks and keep up the great work
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    We really need one thing in this game, which is a sign, so that whenever a player joins, he or she can see the sign and know what to do,where to go. Plz do it
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    Hello, I'm jason and I'm playing this game since it was released:) I love this game, and I have a good suggestion. All the maps in the game are good, but we really need new maps like a flat one or maybe one for parkour and racing and one for gunfights (people love guns). I also have a few much needed updates, which are :- ● improve the driving style, add steering wheel. ● improve bikes, they reverse very slow and the turning is too bad.
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    Oh, animals would be good. Here are my suggestions: I would suggest wild dogs, and tamed dogs that follow you around. Animals can be killed by shooting them with a gun. There could also be a option in the server settings, that allows animals to naturally spawn. There could also be ragdoll animals! And also a comment on this game, it’s mostly better than most sandbox games, it has things that the others don’t have. Building system, furniture, and more. Keep up the good work!
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    Need update performance please!!!up-to-date server connection! By Trifan_Gheorghe
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    Добрый день, Благодарим за предложение.
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    Hi there It is coming very soon.