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    Survival Simulator; Map Hi there, I think you should update the Survival Simulator map and give it more life. At the moment of composing this post, there only seems to be trees, rocks, a few animals and that's about it. I'd love to see more plants, metals, and animals. That would make the game a lot more interesting. It would be a great idea to add crops, and the ability to grow your own food. Finding greater metals in cave systems would be a great addition as well. More animals would give the map more life so it would make it a lot more interesting. Anyways, this is just a suggestion of what I believe can make the map more interesting. Keep up the incredible work. Thank you for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    I agree with this concept, it would be a nice addition. It takes too long to transition from day to night. Also, the platform they use to develop these apps is called "Unity". Anyways, if you'd like to know more information feel free to message me on my profile. Sincerely, Survivor
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    ‏‏‎ ‎Survival Simulator; Anti-Cheat System Hi there, Can you please explain how this "Anti-Cheat System" will protect players from hackers? I'd love to know more information on how this system will work. Will it completely patch modded files of the game, or perhaps ban hackers from the game itself? Please answer if you have more information on this topic. Anyways, keep up the amazing work and development like always. Thanks for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Survival Simulator; Update Hi there, Can we get a progress update for Survival Simulator? I've heard you guys are implementing a system that protects players from hackers. Also, including a rocket launcher that damages structures. Keep note that most of hackers use a modded file of your game. Please answer if you have more information to give about this update. I'll be waiting, thank you for reading this. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Survival Simulator; Kick Hi there, I believe you should remove the "Kick" feature in Survival Simulator. In my opinion, I figure that it damages the spirit of raiding, and eliminating others. It is very annoying to raid someone, and eliminate them only to be kicked out with a press of a button. Anyways, this is just a suggestion but I hope you take it into consideration. It would most definitely give it more a "Survival" atmosphere. I appreciate all your hard work. Thanks for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Heyo, I appreciate how hard all of you are working over at Catsbit, but I've only noticed one bug in Survival Simulator, actually, it's isn't even a bug. I was just wondering if the time cycle could be sped up a tad bit, I'm a little impatient and I'd say dividing the number of minutes there are in a day (which is 1,440) and dividing that by 300 (Which gives the final result of 4.8), that should do the trick, for the day/night cycle speed. I am not sure what platform you use to make these apps so that information may be incorrect on some development platforms. Be sure to take your time, and like i said, this isn't a fully needed feature, it would just be a nice addition. -Dandyboi
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    This idea is convenient, and nice. I think it would be a great feature if we could registrate our own accounts. It would especially be useful to prevent impostors. We'd all have our own unique usernames. If they added this feature, we could all friend one another according to each others usernames. Anyways, I'd love to see this feature in the future. Sincerely, Survivor
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    Well atleast let us give them some time so that they Do their work properly and Give us a very good Update, which is what we expect after all
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    Dear @OG PEACE*, I cannot define the exact date of the new update, but I can tell you it is coming very soon. Also, please cut the developers and the care team some slack, they work very hard. the developer, Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz, is trying to develop the game as soon as possible, and the care team is trying to respond to all inquiries in time. If you have any more concerns/questions, feel free to send me a message, or reply to this one. Sincerely, -Dandyboi
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    "It will be another play." ......!?!?! What does that mean!? A different game?? Why can't they give us a definitive answer??
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    Perhaps developing a 60/40 or even 70/30 split between day and night also? That would be great. I feel the transition time is ok, it's just that night feels so blooming long!! Good topic though guys! Kujo
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    So you both feel that it should be ok to steal player's items and/or destroy their bases with no repercussions?? It would be ok for you if I came into your room, killed you and ruined your bases with no way to stop me or get rid of me? I don't agree that would make the game better.
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    Dear Catsbit, Every clan in this fan need to be banned. They do nothing but ruin the game. Certain clans like USSR,Døn,Nazi,KKK and Srs just to name a few raid other servers and cyber bully.Its not fair they get to bully others and act like they rule the game. I hope you read this. Sincerely, Ink Boi
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    Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
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    Hey, but uh, this comment is ableist. Please remove it. If you don't know what ableism is, look it up.
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    We would really like to be able to Send each other a friend Request and In that way we can be able to Invite each other into Our servers. In the current Version it is very hard to keep Track of your friends and see where they are,But If this feature was to be brought to this game It will instantly make the Game one of the best Survival Games. Please Do Consider Adding this feature Because it is not only Me who is Recommending this. Thank you.
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    We have waited for more than 5 months now and all we ever heard of the new update is That Rocket Launcher thing and that was posted 2 months ago on YT. BUT. that was the only thing that we saw. So our question is that WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING? PATIENCE IS RUNNING OUT . Just give us some Info so that we have a purpose to be patient . But I'm afraid right now we dont have any hope
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    Okay Thank you for your response atleast Now we know yall are up to Something So there is a purpose to wait.
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    Hello, @SpartanRomania, In Off Road - Forest, you cannot build, you transport items to their destination, allowing you to gain money, therefore gaining up the possibility to a final win. I don't believe this is the correct game you are speaking of. Do you mean Sandbox 3D, Cubic Sandbox, or Survival Simulator? You can reach back out to either one of us anytime, and have a great day. -Dandyboi
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    У вас отсутствует интернет-подключение для получения ежедневного вознаграждения или же сервис недоступен. Если с у вас с интернетом все в порядке и сервис по-прежнему недоступен - сообщите нам об этом.
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    You do realize that they can get banned again, or getting in serious trouble if they dont accept the rules, you are just being kind of rude here.
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    Survival Simulator; Bugs I've encountered multiple issues, and I'll describe them here. In most cases, these issues contribute to other issues. Excessive Building leads to; Not being able to place objects anymore in your own 'Server' at one point. (Only if you excessively build). Not being able to drop items out of your inventory. (This includes the 'drop' button not functioning or the drag and drop out of your inventory). Sprite Issues; When you drag and drop an item out of your inventory the sprite doesn't disappear instead it stays on your screen and does not disappear until you leave the specific server you are in. Other issues; Starvation does not sync up between players, therefore some players appear to be dying on my screen due to starvation when on their screen they are not. Durability issues; When I use a gun until it's about to break, and I either craft or buy another gun the durability is sometimes the same as the one that is about to break regarding I crafted a new one. This happens not too often, but it does need to be examined. Progress does not save; this issue is common amongst all players in Survival Simulator, tools/weapons have been reported to be missing from the player's inventory. These are the listed bugs I've encountered. Anyways, your project is incredible but please catch up with these bugs. Best Regards, Survivor
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    ok so theres water u should be able to fish so the items im sugesting to add is coconuts,fishing rod,sulfur,fishes,strings,dirt,caves,shovel,bucket,drinking meter. Sulfur should be only found on the top of the mountain, u need string and wood to craft the fishing rod, u need shovel so maybe u could dig underground to be a cooler game and thats all.. hope u get this and make this come true...
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    Пожалуйста, добавьте несколько транспортных средств, таких как вертолеты, велосипеды и автомобили, и добавьте несколько видов оружия, таких как гранатомет и ракетная установка, и вы можете исцелить человека, добавить друга, пригласить в команду и можете ли вы обновить дом, мы будем благодарны за эти обновления, если это произойдет, спасибо. ,
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    Please add some vehicles like helicopters bikes and cars and add some weapons like grenade launcher and rocket launcher and you can heal a person, add a friend, invite as a team and can you upgrade a house we will appreciate these updates if it happens thank you.
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    When you die in survival simulator you instantly die but this animation will give you a second chance by making you downed and you have a chance to be revived by your teammates and will still have your loot- one tap their body to loot the downed person and hold the body to revive them the revive time is 5 seconds hope you like this idea!
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    Survivor, I’ve been messaging you on discord since July, what happened?
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    Hi there, Wait for our new project! It is meant to be very similar to Rust but adapted for mobile games.