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    August 1st is the latest.
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    Добрый день, Конкретной даты еще нет, но скорее всего рассчитывайте на последние дни июля
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    if we are going to test the gameI I am in too when will we start Mr. Catsbit ? if there is a serious bug in the game or if we come across something else we will report to you Thus you can open up to the world with an error-free game.
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    @LeLuSH(RUS)@OG PEACE*@Mert Can Happy to see it! As I said, we decided that testing will be closer to the release date, it makes more sense. We will invite our testers here, on the forum
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    Yes This game will be completely different of Survival Simulator in this regard. Here the progress will be saved on our own servers.
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    Добрый день, Да, все так и есть До 1 августа планируем выпустить новую игру. надеемся, что она оправдает ваши ожидания) Первоначально игра будет в некотором тестовом режиме, однако в ней уже будет много новых фишек и исправленных моментов! Анонс будет на форуме, в Инстаграм и вк обязательно)
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    I hope the game will be very good! It would probably be nice since it took so long! I hope we have everything we are looking for! We are waiting! I wish you good work! We are following!
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    Hi there, As far as I understood, you are asking about the update. We have already written that now the new project is our prioprity, that's why Sandbox 3D will be updated just after it.
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    Hello there! First of all the new game will be rust! The oxide is reddish and brown as you said. (I mean the cover art of the game.) And the new game will be Mobile game! Hopefully they release the game soon! I wish you good work again! I'm following!
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    I am gona feel so stupid if oxide is a cooking game... XD please casbit don't let it be a cooking game. my fate rests in your hands.
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    Ты прав, дружище! Завершается июль! Поделитесь бета-версией игры! Выявим недостатки! Вы бы сказали? (дата игры) Спасибо за Ваш интерес! Я следую!
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    Понял! спасибо за рассказ На самом деле имеет смысл, спасибо за это!
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    Отвечу вкратце) будут только официальные сервера, игроков на сервера, конечно же, больше, чем в нынешней игре) Соответственно и карта будет больше Система шкафа будет
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    @Mert Can @Orcunardaoztasss @LeLuSH(RUS) We are glad to have such a great team! We will post the link where you could download the testing version of the game. We are likely to create a topic here, in Oxide theme, for you to signal about bugs and all stuff you want to suggest. At first we also though of the Discord server, however here we won't skip anything and could monitor what is fixed.
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    Yes mate! We'll test the game! As Mr. Cats said in Bit, we will test it near the game release date! If the game has bugs and bugs or something is missing, we will tell you! We eagerly await! I'm following!
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    @Catsbit.Care Отличная новость,а где именно можно будет скачать тестовую версию?И не мешало бы создать отдельный discord сервер,в который мы бы скидывали баги и недоработки которые сможем найти.
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    Как видите Catsbit,группа в виде 3 тестеров уже готова))))) Ждём вашего ответа
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    You are right mate! We can help! Let's test the game! We are waiting for your reply! Mr.Catsbit
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    Благодарю за ответ. Буду ждать с нетерпением.
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    Привет разработчик. Я долгое время искал ваш форум ибо группа в ВК,и ютуб канал заброшены(как я понял это на время) Я очень рад что вы принялись создавать создавать годный симулятор выживания,по тематике Rust для мобильных устройств. НАДЕЮСЬ что в игре будет хороший античит,сервера и не будет донат за который можно будет купить все.Короче надеюсь судьбу survival simulator новая игра ее повторит,жаль что нельзя стать бета тестером,хотя очень бы хотелось.Надеюсь в группу ВК вы сделайте пост в котором анонсируете новую игру.Желаю вам удачи
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    Some people are hacking this game somehow and stealing the ownership of the server without me leaving. This is really bad and takes all the fun out of the game. These people often kick me from my own server and they ruin all that I made and it's not right. Game creator: I don't know when you'll read this or if you are already aware of this but I hope you can somehow figure out their loophole. And also when this happens the max limit of people that can join always jumps to like 255.
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    Can you at least give us a date you're completely sure you'll have it done by? Even if it's in a long time?
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    First of all, there is WAY TOO MUCH Racist people on Sandbox 3D, can’t there be some rule on Sandbox 3D where you will get banned for being racist?
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    Is it possible for the game of Sandbox 3D to have accounts (And you can’t have a username that is already taken)? and if accounts get added, can it be possible to report people who are offensive so that they can get banned? also only Sandbox 3D moderators should be allowed to ban someone with proof being showed that they said something offensive.
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    This is my new account, now.
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    -Make it possible to LOAD maps on single player mode. -Add the function to export/import maps, so that players can share their creations. -Make the building system as simple and efficient as Cubic Sandbox, so that there is no space between the walls. That can spare a lot of work, reduce the amount of props in the map and improve the appearance of buildings. -Add more wall formats and sizes (image1: some suggestions). -Add more stairs, with different directions. -(Image2) Add a search function in the inventory, to find props easily (it's not so important now, but if you add a lot of props just like in Cubic Sandbox it will definitely be useful).
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    I think it would be a great idea if you were able to add friends in game so you can continue to build and play from where you left off instead of having to add them in discord or some other messenger in order to meet up with them again.
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    We have waited for more than 5 months now and all we ever heard of the new update is That Rocket Launcher thing and that was posted 2 months ago on YT. BUT. that was the only thing that we saw. So our question is that WHAT ARE Y'ALL DOING? PATIENCE IS RUNNING OUT . Just give us some Info so that we have a purpose to be patient . But I'm afraid right now we dont have any hope
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    I completely agree with you @OG PEACE*
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    I’m very excited I have sad some things have been removed like the chicken and zombies and the old map
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    We are on the stage of internal testing. We are very-very close. Sorry for delaying. Extreme heat slows down productivity