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    We are happy to announce that the update is on moderation on Google Play and App Store. Once approved, all servers will be wiped (everything gets deleted, including research, buidings, inventory). The moderation can take from several hours to several days. Обновление отправлено на модерацию в Google Play и App Store. Как только обновление будет одобрено, произойдет вайп всех серверов (удаление всего прогресса, в том числе изучений, построек и ресурсов в инвентаре). Проверка игры может занять от нескольких часов до нескольких дней.
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    we will check it out some players report that when they are trying to kill an animal or a player with a stone hatchet, it also sounds like a stone, have you seen this problem too?
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    He didn't say anything about the No-damage bug. [So he is still working on this problem] Он ничего не сказал об ошибке о повреждений. [Значит, он все еще работает над этой проблемой]
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    The game requires administrators who will oversee the game and the player
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    Lo que propongo es esto: Mejora en las gasolineras y ciudad. Sabiendo que en las gasolineras solo aparece una caja por cierto tiempo, deberían ponerle más utilidad a esas gasolineras. Crear una especie de máquina dispensadora qué, por cada 30 minutos o menos, te den 3 tipos de bebidas ya sea una Coca-Cola, etc. Dándole variedad al juego con diferentes tipos de bebidas y no solo el agua, y, otra utilidad para las gasolineras y no solamente abrir una caja y ya. Con la nueva actualización el juego cambió mucho y ese nuevo mapa grande es lo mejor que han hecho entre otras cosas, teniendo esto en cuenta del mapa grande, deberían crear una especie de vehículo para poder desplazarse más rápido por el mapa, que el vehículo se pueda bloquear y así nadie se pueda subir, que solo existan 5 vehículos por todo el mapa y que cuando uno es destruido aparecerá aleatoriamente por el mapa, que puedan ir 4 personas, que se pueda destruir y recargar gasolina pues ya teniendo el diseño de los tanques que contienen gasolina, darle otra utilidad a las gasolineras con crear una interacción para poder sacar gasolina y llenar el carro, también, creando un nuevo item para poder sacar la gasolina y echarla al vehículo. En la ciudad solo deberían hacerlo más grande o que las construcciones que hay, sus fábricas, abrir las puertas y sea más amplio, creando escaleras por dentro para que se pueda jugar más táctico, que las ventanas estén abiertas para poder disparar, entre otras cosas. Volviendo a la gasolinera y el vehículo, también crear 2 ítems más, uno para reparar el vehículo y el otro para desbloquearlos cuando estén con el seguro (bloqueados). El juego le hace falta más variedad en ítems, por eso propongo esas cosas para que hayan más ítems y que la manera de conseguirlos sea equitativo, ni fácil, ni difícil. Hay un juego llamado unturned, si ya lo conocen o si no, deberían crear cosas a la manera de ustedes sacando ideas de ese juego, unturned, y así darle más variedad al Oxide Survival Island.
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    Remove the guest login option so thay have to create another email account not just clone the app
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    Bruh. im gonna nuke the map
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    Muhammad it means that you need to stop being God and destroy the world 🤌
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    I wish there was a chat to talk, when you add someone as a friend in your profile section a chat button appears like when you are in a game. For example, you are in your profile, you press the button and a chat appears to talk between the 2 without being in the game.
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    If you hit or damage a player, you will be in pvp mode or a which you cannot disconnect for a certain ammount of time like 1 minute if that 1 minute is over you can disconnect
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    Hi again. Wrote a post a few days ago. It was quite lenthy. So I'll keep this short. Found another bug. Open chest. Close chest. Didn't close. Open other chest. Doesn't open. 5 minutes later chest closes. And other chest menu opens. Wasn't experiencing lag time. Players and myself were still interacting in the present. Live connection. Or iss it. Anyway. Can we employ sniper rifle. Bombs. Enlarge map again, yes, but employ mode of transport and some underground tunnels, caves, pokemon zubat. Wild streams. Rain.. fog. Shrubbery.(dense) Unbreakable rocks. And more islands. More towns. Your comments are valued and leave a comment on what you'd like to see. If I was a 3d designer I'd sign up, if I were a programmer I'd add heaps of content. Perhaps interactive furniture. Also, the ceiling lights are not working. They work. But when you log back in they disappear without a trace and you have to make them all again. Hope they get fixed. Cant see in the dark without carrying a burning stick. Game is super. Need roof tops. Perhaps ladders. It's not easy to add in content. Because it can tilt the gamers experience altogether. Sometimes not so favourable. Add more stuff to the store. It helps pay the bills. Not too much stuff. But a handful here and there. Over months. Anything up too 10$ would be great. Preferably not consumable, but items that can be crafted. New outfits, Decorative more so than enhancements. Like the lights. They were entertaining. What about a fireplace or tables and chairs. Perhaps a new door skin or different windows. A package. . Some games such as Last Island of Survival, introduce new store items once a week. I doubt yous are at that capzcity. But anything that is, ok, without excessive change can make entrallment. Helps gather attention. I could go on. But for now. Leave your ideas about what you'd like to see. Or even experience. Different trees? Different landscapes. Difference clothing. Still early days. I mean, it takes 10-15 minutes right too make a new item. And takes 30min-1hour, too engineer it into the games assets. And delivered through the next update. Some games have built in game client updating. So no need to update the game from play store. Adding the Google save progress feature for this and that, really was a peach. So sweet. It can then be utilised for other matters. If you know what you are doing. If the map was larger. Yet again, you could employ some kind of slow motor vehicle. But at present seems a bit south. I'm looking forward to where this games progress goes. Anticipable even. Also don't hear a great deal about what's people's views are. But I'm sure if people wrote what was on their minds about development side of things instead of the negatives it might boost the developers charisma to try new things. Of course there is going to be set backs but perserverance goes a long way. This game is still tiny but it's take big leaps. Games like RUST have many tiny mechanics going on to help the gameplay. And a lot of them don't cost much at all. Tweakers. Tweak. Never forget the balance. More water sources to gather wouldn't be too far a stretch of the imagination. But as is, makes it interesting. Which is good. Weighing the pros and cons is a fine game of believable and unbelievable. I spend anywhere up to 10 hours a day playing. I had to start over but I didn't care. Hope you have a good day and take the time to sit and chat about this more. If people don't communicate in a positive manner, the game will be slow or a fragment of a memory. Right now it's going good. Except the guns can shoot straight and when you see them hit. They take no damage. I mean, a bear ate me. Because the rifle isn't making contact. Do I need a rocket for one grizzly?? Very time consuming to say the least.
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    Hey everyone I have made a short video how you are able to fix the problem. it may take a few tries but it works 100%
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    Someone broke my 5day base on a private server with a password how can people still get in if I haven’t let them or played on any over servers ?how dose this happen???
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    I would like to tell you that against cheaters you can hire moderators who would follow the game and ban them. Also, players who like to go out when they have little HP left, here you can make a cooldown system, give a ban on leaving for 30 seconds when receiving damage. Я бы хотел вам сказать что против читеров можно нанимать модераторов, которые бы следили за игрой и банили их. Также игроки любители выходить когда у них остается мало хп, здесь можно сделать систему КД, давать запрет на выход 30 секунд при получении урона.
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    Dear forum community. Before posting a new topic please make sure the question / suggestion / bug/gliches. are not yet been said in the Forum. I understand you wana do your own topic. But this issue makes the developers have to read all new topic's that has been created.while the topic with the same information already has been said with a reply on it. When I'm allowed to make a new topic? If you question / suggestion / bug/glitch is not in the first 3 page's feel free to make a new one. Why do I need to check it? I just wana come on forums and make a topic that's faster. 1• Indeed that's faster for you. But understand this it takes alot of time to reply on all the topics some needs more information then the other ones. 2• Sometimes the right reply has already been send in that other topic what makes it faster to fix it by your self. 3• this dont mean for player reports. I hope you all can appreciate my message. < I made this topic since I see basically everyday the same questions / suggestions. > Greetings xAnony ``Any questions feel free to ask me below or in a private message.``
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    This question has already been answered: wait for the server restart
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    What is DC and what is eco raiding
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    5:13 Username 》 滴滴滴咕s yyds [Took me 8 screenshots... to get the full name copied...]
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    Po Acho que ta muito roubado a bazuka ou Nerf ou bota pra parede segurar mais pq 2 rockt derruba a base toda nunca vi isso , e tipo abaixa um pouco da área da bazuka o cara joga no chão pega no 5 andar , e ver esse negócio do hack Speed do jump e do ain bota , poderia botar mod ou ADM dentro do servidores tbm seria uma boa .
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    Hey @PVPplayer asking about it every day/hour is not going to speed up the process. Please just be patient They will notify everyone in news. And it will not be notinotified in a post of people that did ask when it will be fixt. < There is no timer on the troubleshooting >
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    With a small space in the closet, you should reduce the cost of maintaining a house, it will not lack space and will last longer for your big house.
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    Fish. We need fish to fish for food. Cooked fish anyone. Birds we need birds. All those birds I hear chirping in the air. Who doesn't like chicken and wasting a million arrows trying to hit a bird from 40m away lol. -.-
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    I Quoted the message of @Qoogarbro Nothing against your message
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    When fix a bug with gun??? Please faster!
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    Update just made a garbage game even worse. Hackers ruined the game and the devs just sat back and watched. Hey devs, collect your checks, dip out, delete this game, start a new rust rip off. This game is legit unplayable without downloading game guardian to have godmode, even still, your base will be wall hack raided. Never played such an embarrassment of a game before, this is just horrible...
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    Писал полтара часа, просьба заметить
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    А все потому, что все просили обновление и не давали разработчикам спокойно заниматься своей работой Пожалуйста, поймите это. это займет время. Рим тоже не за 1 день строился будь хотя бы счастлив, что они исправили сбой в фундаменте. и сделал полностью новую карту
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    many people say Hahahahaha, please kid, don't put that stupid thing and whenever you want I'll give you a gyroscope class...
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    Can I create a texture pack?
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    In oxide, the only way to heal is over time, which could be a hassle to players that are constantly pvping. So it makes sense to add other way/forms of healing rather than to sit in your base until you fully heal. Maybe the most basic form of healing is by eating meat or drinking water. Eating raw meat won't give you any health, but cooked meat will give you 4 health instantly and will regenerate 6 more health faster that natural healing ( 1 health per second) for a total of 10 health, and yes, the faster regeneration will stack. Also water will give 3 health per second and also a ability to run slightly faster for 10 seconds ( the boost should stack). Next the most basic form of healing without consuming any food is bandages. Bandages will heal for 10 health and will increase health regeneration for 5 more health (like the regeneration from eating cooked meat). But next we have a healing item that can be useful and efficient, the patches. patches will heal for 5 health each, but wait, 5 health? That's horrible! Nope, since it will take no time to apply but will be only able to apply 4 patches per second ( to avoid cheaters using auto clickers). The only downside is that they will be rare but still craftable for 6 cloth and 2 metal frags( cost 150 scrap to learn). Next we have health drugs. Health drugs will health for 40 health each and regenerate 25 health faster. health drugs can be crafted for 10 metal, 5 water bottles, and 8 scrap each(200 scrap to learn), but can also be found in elite crates. Then last but not least, the booster shot. Booster shots are the best healing item in oxide and the second most rare item in the game. Booster shots will heal ALL lost health and even give 15 artificial health (Artificial health is like shields in other games like fortnite or apex). And that's not all! The booster shot will give a 2x speed boost for 60 seconds and will completely fill your hunger and thirst instantly! Well, that is my suggestion of healing items in oxide and can bring a while to level to pvp.( reminder: I am open to any questions in the comments!) Youtube:https://youtube.com/channel/UCwYf7ewCsInlczunCMYhzyA
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    Most importantly is the gun problem it make no damage expect headshot Gun is unusable with this
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    Hi have to tried to delete friends and reenter the game?
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    Server 15 Able to jump 50ft and take 0 damage. Jumped right onto roof
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    Ok, your explanation is very good but... then how are you going to solve the fucking problem with hackers? If simply by downloading DualSpace VIP Cracked (not only that application, there are more) you can create unlimited accounts and continue doing what you want...
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    Unfortunately this is not possible (Yet) The way you have said this. Makes it racist. Chinees people will not get country banned. Like what had been said many times. There are alot of people using Chinees names to make it harder to get them banned. It are 40% people from Russia using the cheats Under chinees names.
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    Essa merda vai atualizar não??? Como vocês querem crescer assim? O jogo tem Pontencial mas vocês tão fazendo merdaaa
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    I was just almost finishing my 5x5 metall base
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    Po poderia atualizar e bota pro machado e a picareta não dá Dano no armário apenas a bazuka porque os hack fica pelo lado de fora da base quebrando se faz isso seria alguns hack a menos , e bota pra quebra a escada tbm seria muito bom .
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    Por favor eu imploro por ajudar tem um clã no Br1 com os mesmo nome Xxyzin são hackers eu tento fazer um conteúdo é eles não deixa me seguem por ser YouTube, é ficam chamando nós Br de mamaco entra lá com urgência façam algo não deixe eles dominarem seu jogo HELP me pls
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    I did it, but it said, "demolition time is up". What is that mean?
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    Yeah no problem, I just don't like him cause he keeps bugging me and spreading lies which is making me insane innit.