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    Unfortunately no, the object limit is 1000 objects per server. This is quite a lot for mobile devices, more objects will lead to glitches and uncomfortable play.
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    @Catsbit.Dev Can we get more information for the upcoming update for Survival Simulator? Thanks.
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    Clans are completely stupid. Clan members destroy each other's servers for sport, and some even attack servers that new players make. If your plan is to eradicate clans, I have one main solution for you. Clans are powerless when they can't raid each other. Kicking doesn't work, as they just come right back. Banning would be perfect, so a ban option would most likely mark the end of clans. It could also open an opportunity for clans to be peaceful communities that are newbie-friendly, and consist of players just playing together for fun, instead of trying to conquer some other clan. Anyway, PLEASE add this ban button. It's much needed in Sandbox to prevent against problematic players.
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    This was due to a technical issue that we have already fixed. Work on a global update is still underway, there will be news about it soon.
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    Hi there, We are working on our new game where it will be possible. Please follow our updates to know more.
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    Hello catsbit team, there is a glitch going around, people select the delete button, (or any object) then respawn, after that they can jump while shooting, i hope it gets fixed
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    If you go in a car while being shot dead you will have full health again.
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    We are working on a really big update, we hope to have time to release it at least before the New Year.
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    This is not a ban, no. The game will return to the App Store with the next update within a week.
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    "It will be another play." ......!?!?! What does that mean!? A different game?? Why can't they give us a definitive answer??
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    Perhaps developing a 60/40 or even 70/30 split between day and night also? That would be great. I feel the transition time is ok, it's just that night feels so blooming long!! Good topic though guys! Kujo
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    So you both feel that it should be ok to steal player's items and/or destroy their bases with no repercussions?? It would be ok for you if I came into your room, killed you and ruined your bases with no way to stop me or get rid of me? I don't agree that would make the game better.
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    Survival Simulator; Map Hi there, I think you should update the Survival Simulator map and give it more life. At the moment of composing this post, there only seems to be trees, rocks, a few animals and that's about it. I'd love to see more plants, metals, and animals. That would make the game a lot more interesting. It would be a great idea to add crops, and the ability to grow your own food. Finding greater metals in cave systems would be a great addition as well. More animals would give the map more life so it would make it a lot more interesting. Anyways, this is just a suggestion of what I believe can make the map more interesting. Keep up the incredible work. Thank you for reading. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Dear @OG PEACE*, I cannot define the exact date of the new update, but I can tell you it is coming very soon. Also, please cut the developers and the care team some slack, they work very hard. the developer, Wladyslaw Jewloszewicz, is trying to develop the game as soon as possible, and the care team is trying to respond to all inquiries in time. If you have any more concerns/questions, feel free to send me a message, or reply to this one. Sincerely, -Dandyboi
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    Hi there, Sorry for the late responding. To be precise, we upgrade Survival Simulator in order to make it similar to Rust. However it will be another play, so we call it another project.
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    You do realize that they can get banned again, or getting in serious trouble if they dont accept the rules, you are just being kind of rude here.
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    Hi there, While making a purchase, you had to get a message on your mail with transaction ID. Please provide us with it for verification.
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    We are fluent in Russian, English, French and even Polish