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    So,while playing my game it was hard to build all the houses for my server. I just thought up of a copy and paste system. So if you click this button that looks like this ️ Then when you look at an object it has a blue haze. If you tap the “Select” button at the left of your screen, the object will turn green. You can do this to as many objects you want. Then, you can pres “Copy” to add it to your clipboard. Then, to paste it, select the button and the green translucent shape appears. Then you can place the copied object wherever you want! Even in mid air! It’s great if you want to do that! You can also press the “Cube” button to make it act like a building peice and shift around as you move! And that is my suggestion! Hope you do this!
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    Of course my friend! Thank you for reading the advice!
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    I love this game. I play it just bout everyday for about an hour or 2 on my Droid phone. One of the better games where you DONT need to make in game purchases. My biggest thing is make this more realistic PLEASE!!! 1. Mining to get Sulfur would be fantastic. Adding different things to mine to get different items instead of just trees and stones. Something Random u could find while roaming around. 2. Hunting different animals would be cool instead of just the boar. Be able to make traps to catch smaller game. And maybe be able to do some Fishing. Rabbit, birds, bear, deer, fish 3. Making the floor plan better so if you do make a mistake u can remove it or undo it. Having more options like sleeping bag, bed, table, things you put in say a cabin like in real life. 4. Be able to get and store water. 5. Add rain, snow or seasons. I am an avid outdoorsman. I have a ton of suggestions that would make this the best realistic game out there.
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    So basicaly I have been craving for a rust like game on mobile. Here are some things I would like to see added. • 24/7 hosted servers (maybe by you) • Lockable doors • Raiding • More tiers to buildings • Voice chat • Custumizable ingame UI • Looting (dead bodies, monuments) I am seriously amazed that this kind of a game exists and love the Rust Legacy vibe it gives off. Really like what you have done with this game so far. Keep up the good work and take care! Jossup
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    I think that it would be cool if you added non hostile and hostile npcs in the game because then there would be more and more environment to the game. Also it wouldn’t be boring if you were a single player.