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    Hi there. Game updates take a long time, especially games with large scripts. So be patient, please!
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    This game is. Let's face it. Pretty lame... But I have some ideas to make it better.. First things first, All players are tired of trying to find there friend In some server. So add a friend list and let players be able to find there friends way easier, Second of all, add a tools section in shop. Containing, A paint tool, be able to paint you walls, floors, doors, etc, Modifier, the ability of this is to be able to change a behavior of a object. For example, Set a door to only allow selected players through, Set a transparency level, Set a vehicle to when someone enters the vehicle it can explode (would be a nice gag to do on your friends),, NEW MAPS, the more the merrier. so here are some interesting maps I and some friends came up with, #1 water world with a few islands. #2 snow mountain. Lots of snow and mountains. #3 dirt flats, all level ground no lumps or bumps, NEW VEHICLES, more vehicles means more fun. So here's a list of new vehicles I thought would be fun to have, #1 hydroplane, for the water world, #2 snowmobile, for snow mountain, #3 planes, because helicopters aren't enough, #4 tank, because they would be fun to shoot at people (would come with a hefty price but worth the money), #5 flying car, it would be great to be able to fly and drive around with the same vehicle, GUNS,. Shotgun, machine gun, Sniper, RPG, throwing knife, etc, RANDOM, NPC's, yoi can give them commands with modifier, SET PLAYER BANNING, cause there are some people you don't want on you server, That's all for now. Plz add you suggestions in the comments. Thx for reading
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    Cyber truck windows should break when you shoot them
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    I understand we all really want the update to be here, but we should be patient and give some time to catsbit community to make an update for us! ╮(─▽─)╭ also, I really hope they see this.
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    Hello catsbit, I was wondering if you can tell us when’s update and if you can keep us in touch of when the game is being updated or not because as of now this game is boring and dead and has a lot of hackers.
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    Hi there, We are making the most in order to accelerate work.
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    An NSFW swear and innapropiate word filter, would filter innapropiate words in names, chat, and more. This would be useful instead of marking the game 17+
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    Please add : Google play connection.
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    I too have encountered that problem, unfortunately there is only one solution: Create a new server and change the name of it. What is happening is simple- someone has copied your server name and created their own, it's essentially a race- if they create it first then they are the owner and can kick you even though you created the server. Basically you created a server while another one with the same name was there first, get it? I create popular rooms and people steal them all the time, cant stop it. Next time you create a room(server) go into the room list(top left beside menu) and check to see who the owner is. Have fun! MJ
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    Hi there, The limit is meant to be 1000 objects.
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    HII, I have some suggestions for the mod panel and stuff: 1. The settings → plz make us able 2 change the volume of the game so u can listen to music without getting earraped by the guns. → while playing I sometimes want to change sensitivity (and I hope volume soon). It would be great if we were able to do this in the pause menu on the top left corner. 2. The mod panel → plzzzzzz make us able to set a default setting 4 the mod panel, so u don't have to change the settings 4 every player. plzz just do it, it's so annoying ;-; → make the settings and kick buttons not so near 2 eachother ╏ ” ⊚ ͟ʖ ⊚ ” ╏ → banning etc. already got mentioned I guess ^^ 3. other random stuff ╮(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)╭ → what about a setting that allows us 2 c who's on wich server (owner can decide if he wants it) → WE WANT A NARUTO SKIN → sry ^^ → plz add a request, so ppl that want 2 join a full server can send a request 2 the owner and he can allow em 2 join ( 6/6 → 7/6 (limit will stay same)) → make the ability 2 shoot as an mod panel setting too so u can stop shooters. → plzzzzz only fix the annoying bugs like vehicle stuck, bc everyone loves the walk through wall bugs 4 xample. Hope u won't destroy the game by fixing all of the funny bugs ;-; hope my suggestion were helpful 。◕‿◕。 ^^
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    Much required, must needed, emotes. I'm Jason here again, talking about something for the next update. All I want is emotes like sit, wave, 3 types of different dances and sleep. We should be able to sit on chairs, sofa and couches. We should also be able to sleep on beds like the one on the home screen.(image) also plays add the bunk bed on the homescreen(image). Thank you
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    Hi there, Thank you for great suggestions. We will pay great attention to them. However some of the points are already put into action in our new Admin panel without any commands (for ex muting/unmuting players) . Did you have a chance to download the update and test this panel? What do you think of it?