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    Shadow fox wdym TGT strikes again?
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    If you go in a car while being shot dead you will have full health again.
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    @Catsbit.Dev Can we get more information for the upcoming update for Survival Simulator? Thanks.
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    August 1st is the latest.
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    Add guns and weapons Add accounts and friending system
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    Hello there! First of all the new game will be rust! The oxide is reddish and brown as you said. (I mean the cover art of the game.) And the new game will be Mobile game! Hopefully they release the game soon! I wish you good work again! I'm following!
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    Hello! We are working on our new project based on Survival Simulator. That's why the work on Sandbox 3D is suspended After new game release, we will update Sandbox 3D
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    MaxCUU means the amount Maximum ConCurrent (active) Users has been reached. The server has reached the maximum amount of players it can support (e.g 1000 players at once). It can only be fixed if the developers upgrade their servers. You can either: come back when player numbers are lower or keep trying to connect if someone leaves.
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    So what if the developer/developers (I can't find much about the people who work for catsbit so I don't know if it is just one person or not) added other plants (instead of just trees) like maybe berry Bushes and other things.
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    Nobody is a retard. I've gotten sick of you, so please, take this lightly, but FUCK OFF.
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    Hey, but uh, this comment is ableist. Please remove it. If you don't know what ableism is, look it up.
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    It be cool if you add a friends list and see if they are active or not
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    trying to accelerate our work..
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    Hi there, Thank you for helping players on the forum! It is very nice of you and we appreciate it very much! However at the moment there is no such flow of requests to delegate admin authorities to somebody else...
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    Привет, Как я уже ответил в другой теме, завтра выйдет новая игра, где многие из этих предложений будут реализованы
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    Привет, Да, это одна из проблем игры Survival Simulator И вот, завтра выйдет наша новая игра, где эта проблема будет решена Следите за новостями на форуме и в соц сетях!
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    Hi everybody, I got a couple of reports concerning this topic I would like to tell a few words from Catsbit part: For sure, racism and discrimination are prohibited under our games and forum policy. We discourage everybody from using ALL words that can offend our players. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity from our part to control it in the actual version of the game. This is our problem number 1. After the release of our new game we will try to update Sandbox 3D in order to give reports, kick and ban players. But @bjb3nis right saying that our forum is not the place for accusing smn of smth. We encourage here to discuss the game itself, to describe suggestions and problems. If you see that the player offends smn in the game, please let the owner of the server know of it. He has rights to mute, kick and ban.
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    How dum are u this ain't the suggestion one come on this is the bug report section come on even if they respond they can't do it the only way for that to happen is if that person gets multiple reports and still there is no option to report someone they haven't had that implemented in the game
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    Yes mate! We'll test the game! As Mr. Cats said in Bit, we will test it near the game release date! If the game has bugs and bugs or something is missing, we will tell you! We eagerly await! I'm following!
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    Hi, @Catsbit.Dev or @Catsbit.Care I would like to know what I would need to do to be able to help with the development of sandbox 3D, what is the programming language/engine you use to program the game. And I would like to help you as much as I can to make it faster for updates to come out, more secure, and easier for your development team. I'm not looking to be paid, I would just like to help for free
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    Добавьте пожалуйста: 1Редакцию персонажа( ну костюмы, шляпы, броню и т.д.) 2Больший выбор карт. 3Новые блоки для строительства. 4Граффити (т.е. можно с помощью них рисовать на стенах) 5И сделайте пожалуйста так чтобы можно было заходить в здания заранее построенные на выбранной карте. 6Добавте NPC в конце концов. 7Сделайте : Survival mod(режим выживания) Creative mod(режим строительства с неограниченным запасом блоков) И наконец: режим переключения (тоже самое что и выживание только с сюжетом) На этом всё, но предложения ещё не закончились
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    Rabbit hat Top hat Sun Glasses Pearl Necklace Silver Key Necklace Golden Key Necklace Teddy Bear Necklace Round Aesthetic Glasses Round Aesthetic Sun glasses Small Cat glasses Aesthetic Lock Necklace Heart shaped Necklace Heart Shaped Earrings and thats all I can think of.
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    I would love if there was a sign on system where you can be in multiple devices and all your data can be saved, thus our builds will be saved and we can make a mini workshop SO KEEP THAT IN MIND Sincerely by your truest Mii, Mr.Mii27 peace in and peace out B)
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    i'm not sure you noticed, the "lol" at the end implied it was a joke
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    Hi there, What are your thoughts on the new update? In the first photo, there seems to be a wardrobe, maybe to change our character's appearance? In the last photo, there seems to be a cash register, maybe to purchase goods from other players? If you take a look in the top-left, they have included something about building. Let me know your thoughts by replying to this post. If you haven't seen the new photos of the update, I am going to provide them here; Sincerely, Survivor
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    It is enough!! When will the update come? You didn't tell the exact date! Take photos on Instagram! I'm following
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    when will you update survival simulator i got some idea's for you first is animal moose,chickens fish,second is predetors wolf',bobcats third more armor fourth food we need plant to eat it boring to just meat and pls put single player or multiplayer that all ask for please update
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    Well put bjb!!! Must be my screen name or something, those modder's sniff me out and destroy my bases all the time! Lol. Have fun and keep playin! ~Loyal
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    I think it would be great if the chat allowed you to say more and scroll back to previously said messages. This would improve gameplay for those especially who can’t read very fast. It will also allow for you to say something without having to repeat yourself and would be convenient for all players.
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    If you want smth well done, do it yourself
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    Alright then. ill stay tuned for em :pogchamp:
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    Why no have a crafting table or smelter,need more ore and tool,upgrade building tools, add account system,ban system and add friend
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    I totally agree, I just meant the hackers that ruin other (potential game fans) experience's those are the bad ones. I too have met a moder that that was just using his mods to enrich other players gaming experiences. I just wish they were all like that
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    There's alot of racists and sexist people, and even pedophiles on the app. Why isn't there a report button or ignore button yet? I know you can mute the player but they can just leave and rejoin and they can speak again. And you can only mute them IF you have owner. Why hasn't this been fixed?
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    try chopping the lamp/campfire with an axe for a while. by the way, your english is fine
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    It's looks like a good idea, hope this gets implemented on future updates
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    Me and some of my friends were playing survival simulator but after I joined a different sever everything on my sever had disappeared. Me and my friend played for hours to get what we had in that sever and then it just all disappeared.
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    I agree whit you, but considering the size of the map they would be very hard to find
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    Exactly. He thinks I'm polish for some reason. But for real though, why is he against polish people? "So suck of your mom you damn polish c**t!" like bro im from the uk The developer is from poland but why is he even mad over nationalities tho...
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    Yeah dogs would be a cool addition to the game
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    This is too much for the lazy-ass devs.
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    For tanks there should be 4 a M1A1, Bradley, BTR 80 and a panzer 4. And there should be attack helicopters, witch should only be a AH64 Apache. For planes there should be a cessna 172, a P51, F4U Corsair, B52 bomber, BF109, Junkers Ju 88 stuka, F22, F35, and a Beechcraft baron.
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    Hi there, The developers are aware of this problem. It is to be hoped that it would be fixed in the next update. Thank you for your patience. Best Regards, Survivor
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    Hello everyone of this forum! Today a new topic fora great "up" for the game. I would like to you read this post at the bottom of it. Thank you! Thaked: Dandan We have the concept of a new generation sandbox game. But the fact that he is a new generation does not mean that he has to stop there. I think an excellent way to make others want to play it would be to add the PC version. Yes, that is the idea. More people use mobile devices to play games, while PC users are less. Even so, it is not so complicated that it is a great addition, as there are games recognized with this system: Multiplatform! I use the PC to play some games, and I know that many of them have first person, especially if we talk about shooting games. I am not influencing the first person view. I'm just giving an opinion. In short, without adhering to many new objects, vehicles or maps, this is a way to get players with more surprises (which players like a lot). As players like updates and news ... this is my opinion for the increase in downloads; PC version! ^ ^
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    That idea is not right because if a hacker enters and steals or kills us, how can I get rid of him? I prefer that to kick there is something that is a reason to kick and the game is reviewed to check if he is kicking without reason or with reasons for kick and also that you could kick permanently because sometimes I kick one and it rejoins infinitely
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    Please remove the building limit Catsbit, please
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    This is an unnecessary post, catsbit won’t care about it’s own people using the game. I suggest you stop wasting your time and let the good and the bad roam in the game.
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    У вас отсутствует интернет-подключение для получения ежедневного вознаграждения или же сервис недоступен. Если с у вас с интернетом все в порядке и сервис по-прежнему недоступен - сообщите нам об этом.