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  1. Don’t worry I can help I’m sorry if you lost interest in this game feel free to come to server us#21 ask for dhancho I’m known now let me explain to you how to fix this and folks listen up this way is a lot similar then any YouTube video where you gotta delete all friends and restart device yeah no :just go to app click profile in top right delete all friends who haven’t excepted your friends request they will have a yellow stop watch next to there name delete all of them and then exit from app and delete tab then go back in and your good to goo.
  2. Hey I think the new update is great and all but why add vehicles if we have no way of protecting or storing them in a safe location I mean there are still plenty of hackers and no actual quote on quote anti-cheat so with the update why didn’t you add garage doors or even ramps and the buggy is too big not to mention heli won’t show up for android users I myself use an iOS device which also has a bug being as you’re in quite and un legal term with Apple so ofc were naturally not aloud to use the mic or here anyone because of it so plz do a little better like uh like the total half of your brain