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  1. I was playing one moment and being kicked the next, and now I can't log in or load a server. I tried re installing and even restarting My device, but it appears to be some sort of issue on your end as I can still play from my alternate account.
  2. Fix the server or whatever the heck is happening with your game, I'm trying to continue but i can't even load in to the server because it crashes everything! This only happens on US4 Which is my main so please fix this issue it's pissing me off, ? thank you! Screen_Recording_20220825-023129_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4
  3. Us server 4 isn't responding and is over thrown by hackers Needs moderated and patched plz and thank you Screen_Recording_20220825-002207_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4 Screen_Recording_20220825-002207_Oxide - Survival Island.mp4
  4. HACKERS IN US#4 Pufli: this cheater has been running a muck in US server #4, killing fresh spawns and geared players alike using AIMBOT and UNLIMITED AMMO + A Deadly Speed mod that allows him to kill anyone within a certain range with no effort at all simply by being too FAST and CHEATING. (Please BAN him immediately) He's a piece of ???? Thank you (Also ban that cheater KENNIEN or whatever his name is he's also a cheater but not as good a cheater as PUFLI!.) ......LET THEM FIGHT THEN BAN EM ?
  5. The anti-cheat system is a cruel joke, there has been no change or effort it seems in fixing this issue. Hackers are free to roam with no consequence, and they use aimbot and have the ability to pass through walls so there is little chance of beating one. Please Allow at least one to two players per server the ability to moderate the servers. I know that most players consider this to be a mobile rust of sorts, but even rust had player moderators because they understood that the anti cheat system isnt and will never be good enough to stop people from hacking.