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Found 57 results

  1. Багоюзерство и читерство,открытое использование стороннего ПО.Очевидное использование багов и уязвимостей игры.Просьба:забанить данного пользователя ! ID:EB7AFF3FBECD0CB6 Сервер:№45 EU Доказательства:
  2. Is your system like this? I always get game crashes, it's not really a problem for me, but when the game crashes, the player is still active on the server and doesn't move while I Can't enter the game and what happens? Player dies, someone kills him because he doesn't move, is that respect? Please fix the main problem. I always farm and get a lot However there is a crash in the game please really read this very important
  3. RU: Здравствуйте, в игре OXIDE давно присутствует баг с костром, с помощью которого можно плавить руду. В видео я наглядно показал, как это работает. Советую исправить. EN: Hello, the game OXIDE has long had a bug with a bonfire, with which you can melt ore. In the video, I clearly showed how it works. I advise you to fix it.
  4. Задонатил на шапку Санты а она не пришла хотя мои деньги списали помогите пожалуйста 🥺 Вот мой айди BOO256D43F654BAD
  6. Hi Catsbit My account was on level 15 I deleted oxide and installed it again and now my account is on level 8 can you help me and fix it please?! This is my name and id LONDINEZ1 ID: 38ABB2D2044DB1F3 Hope I will get and answer!
  7. What server are my friends playing on it was showing before update now it is not visible anymore please fix it fast @Catsbit.Care
  8. I'd: 411715411A2AFB31 Name: ارههههه My email: Please unban catsbit 💔😮‍💨
  9. Good evening to the administration, I want to report a bug , I downloaded update 0.4.40 And everything disappeared for me along with studying and there are no screenshots there as I didn’t take a screenshot, but I want you to fix this bug. I have the eighth lvl and nickname Mr_Proper00
  10. This bug was recently added to the game, which is as follows: Every few minutes, the game causes a drop in FPS for all players for 2 seconds, and the sound of furnaces, nature, and crickets is cut off. (This bug was recently added to the game) @Catsbit.Dev please Fix this bug
  11. Hello, I bought the prime and they still haven't given it to me
  12. When we enter the server, the FPS stays at 2 and never increases. Please solve this problem. I was able to forcefully commit suicide several times, but as soon as I came back to life, the FPS freezes at 2 and I can't play. Server EU #39
  13. daniil22000


    Здравствуйте, у меня плохой интернет + ещё кикает почему-то когда я бегу и на экране появляется красный значёк вай фая потом через пару часов такой игры я бегал стрелялся ну конечно люди чуток стояли потом писали читак пока интернет глючил и меня банит за читы это баг? Особенно заглючило когда 8+ игроков кикнуло с сервера одновременно... Прошу помогите с этой проблемой
  14. Hello everyone,I'm here to report a problem. Everytime I lag in the game i get sent back to the main menu,but when I go back it says my account is already logged in,and this is a problem because you could be killed without even knowing it. Please fix this.
  15. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪 llo, today I was blocked while I was not playing, please unban my account 🙂 my nickname : ¥20FPS¥DEMON 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪
  16. Ok so I'm getting kicked for suspected cheating for no reason at all Im not angry im just aggravated cause I can't even play the game please fix this P.s this game is the best rust simulator on the app store
  18. Ник- ActEz Айди не помню я использовал баг на прыжок
  19. When will they fix the bug with donat transport for which I gave money??!!? For kicking me when I get out of the car
  20. Здравствуйте я не знаю что происходит на сервере 36 ЕU на кординатах Е5 там тупо тебя подкидывает и ты в прыжке умираешь от какого то падения + иногда и кикает проверьте это место я там 2-3 раза умер на видео видно как подкидывает
  21. FFG

    I can't play

    I want to change my name to FFG, how do I do that
  22. Good Morning/Evening, Catsbit I can't run Oxide in this new version 0.3.10 alpha because of a certain bug. My device is requesting a fixed version of the game to fix the bug. Many players are affected by this bug and are frustated. kindly fix this problem as soon as possible, Thank you!