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Found 4 results

  1. When opening furnaces and cupboards the game is closing by itself.
  2. Sometimes the game would just freeze and kick me out it's really REALLY annoying is there anyway you could fix it? Record_2021-08-16-19-31-11_8ee7c4fda46bbb1a05472c1249dca647.mp4
  3. Long123


    Help I logged in 1 and found myself underground after leaving the game about an hour ago pls fix it DD:
  4. Hii, just watch the video clip ^^ not a big bug but its nice 2 know edit: oof the upload always fails so I'll xplain: I just found out that vehicles like the motorcycles or the Cybertruck r changing 2 other ones after u saved the map and rejoin. 4 xsample the blue and the black motorcycles r getting red. Hope I xplained well enough so u understand my problem. ^^