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  1. I have quite a few phones, and  they all worked amazing before the update. but now the only one with no lag is a Google pixel 2 xl and an iPhone 11

    the iPhone 7, 8, and SE as well as the Sony Xperia Z5 + and the Samsung Galaxy note 5 and note 8 are slow AF.

    I also have really fast internet so that’s not it.


    im kinda growing out of that stage we’re I have nothing better to do but game. But I still wish they hadn’t gone and ruined my favourite game.

  2. Maybe it’s just me-

    If u want my opinion on the update…

    The game is horrible Now.

    Idk what the heck u did to slow down the game but, it barely runs, with lag every time I join a server.

    the controls feel squishy. (idk how to explain it)

    offline mode doesn’t work OFFLINE!!!!

    the amount of text you can have in the chat was not increased!

    u didn’t increase the block count

    the skittys are back!

    Every time u respawn you’re  weapon becomes useless until u cycle the weapon inventory.

    u changed the Beautiful UI to the new MoDeRn one from oxide 

    and worst of all u used the $#!++¥ New server system from oxide, and people are stuck with one name 

    I really hate it and I don’t think I’m gonna play it again unless u make a downgrade. 



    but I still believe in you. ? 

    after all, you made the old version of the game the we all know and love.


  3. … “it’s” not a thing yet.

    So how can u make a judgment on it?

    (Technically I can’t make an opinion on either.)

  4. I just had a look at oxide, and I can now understand why they are putting sandbox on the shelf.

    yes it sucks. 

    But they are extremely busy with oxide, 

    fixing bugs, 

    replying to idiots who try to make waky names. (me)

    and banning “skittys.”


    I believe that once the game can stand on its own, they will focus their attention on other things.(like SandBox 3D!)

  5. I see a very controversial picture of an op soldier using an m6 style ar-15 against a noob with a little 19-11 (representative of a helpless citizen)

    and it’s a good example of why adding op guns won’t make the game better. Instead it will make the game more realistic. 

    and man. real life sucks! 

  6. The game was pretty good already.

    I don’t feel like more guns is a huge upgrade.


    the game needs little things like…

    Passengers in cars,

    Better car physics,

    A higher character limit in the chat,

    Texture setting that doesn’t affect the UI,

    Ability to Change settings mid game,

    Increase block-limit settings,

    Adding colours back to the chat,

    sitting animation,

    A no-PVP switch for yourself, (for building in peace)

    and so on…