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    New Game

    yaaaaaaaa what he/she seed!!!
  2. bjb3n


    I got a new one. back in business baby!!!
  3. your not wrong. what I seed is a bit (OK FIGN MABY A LOT) harsh, and I apologies I totally agree that sandbox has gone out of control with... but the thing is, those... who you are banning will also have the power to flag you if u go against what they want. an example of this is Roblox. you cant play for very long whiteout getting banned, no matter how nice u are. NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR SYSTEM IS PEOPLE WILL BE... its just life. and I feel like the less systems, the better. but I don't know everything and I am probably completely wrong... that's Also life. sorry for "offending" anyone. :)
  4. bjb3n

    Vehicle speed

    the lambo should leave big back streets!!! but instead... its my grandmas car!!!
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    I'm pretty sure you need a special license to steel peoples google accounts. just a thought. what if some little B### steels you user right after the update... now you're stuck.
  6. for the most part... ok fine .
  7. this is a cool idea but the catsbit™ dev's are so so buzzy. and knowing "how unreasonable humans are". they would probably have to go through over 1000 reports each week. the dev's just don't have time for that.
  8. NO BANNING!!! Stop Bringing this up! you cant just ban someone because they say some thing that "offends" you. that's stupid. their are some really cool people who happen to cuss, (I don't like that) but you can't remove them forever that's so lame, and it would probably ruin the game pretty fast. a better cores of action on Catsbit's™ part would be to add a censuring AI to the game to block offensive words. (like ss2) but that is hard, and will probably not be implemented for a wile... maybe never. for for now just ignore offensive CR@P. people are mean and I'm sorry, I really am. but please just try to confront them about it if they ignore you give them some space or something idk... just stop bringing the to the form.
  9. I feel like it was more the toxic selfish people who ruined the game, the mods and glitches just helped them do it. I personally loved the shooting and chat glitches among other's. if every one was not self-centered and not prideful the game would be wonderful. hack-mods or no hack-mods.
  10. @Firestar9990 sorry that makes sense. I will try to ad an @-name next time.
  11. what I meant was... { thanks for always being available, and not just ignoring me, your the best! :) } but my English is not the best... pwease don't mawk meh im'a Try'n.
  12. I tested my method and I was able to render about 3x as many cubes with no physics at 60 fps but results may vary with different devices. I'll run more tests and get back with you.
  13. I'm guessing the game is made in unity using ether java script or C# but if u know how to texture animate or 3d module you could still be a big help for them.
  14. thx for being present man your the best! :)
  15. thanks soooo much!!! I really loved this glitch and I'm glad its not completely gone!!! XD
  16. weren't we talking abought the car glitch??? its just a little bug in the code.
  17. hi. tanks for getting back. is the other dood who has an inverted catsbit logo not on the form any more. cuz I messaged him. any way at least I know why its happening, so thanks. I can totally see why it might tack some time to get around to checking all of the images posted on the form. sorry for being unreasonable I wont bring this up again.
  18. @Firestar9990 I have a question... how long did it take for the picture that you posted, to get through. because every picture/hyperlink I post gets "blocked for review" looks like this ("Posted a month ago - Hidden") eventually it just gets deleted, and never actually posts. it so annoying! and I have emailed the moderator, but they seem to have ignored me.
  19. XD heh its still a good idea!