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  1. I just had a look at oxide, and I can now understand why they are putting sandbox on the shelf. yes it sucks. But they are extremely busy with oxide, fixing bugs, replying to idiots who try to make waky names. (me) and banning “skittys.” I believe that once the game can stand on its own, they will focus their attention on other things.(like SandBox 3D!)
  2. This is dumb. Just believe ur right. (all of u.) and stop this innate discussion! it’s not constructive, and it’s not helpful to this community.
  3. Catsbit is still ignoring?
  4. They “fixed” all the fun glitches, and didn’t fix the problematic ones. lol I actually wish they would “unfix” most of the glitches.
  5. bjb3n

    Stuck in car

    If the door is blocked then open the window…
  6. bjb3n

    Not working

    ??? I literally have no idea what u r saying.
  7. because the target audience is 12+ I’m not sure it is legal to add a voice chat for privacy reasons. maybe tho.
  8. with the way the updates currently work, u will loose all your maps and money every time it gets updated. Unless they fix this, frequent updates will suck and people will be slow to do it.
  9. Why is this even being argued??? lol who cares!
  10. I was talking to Albert, I remember u.
  11. U replayed to them! Why are u ghosting the good people of sandbox 3D? sandbox is the best game u ever created! pls don’t kill it!!!
  12. If sandbox 3D comes back will there be anyone left in it?

    If not how long do u think it will take for the numbers to rise back to what it was before?

  13. The update may have been dropped.
  14. bjb3n

    New GANS?

    Also this was last year!!!