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  1. bjb3n

    Name color?

    if you not into that kind of stuff it can be so boring lol
  2. bjb3n

    Name color?

    its called html example <p> <span style="font-size:20px;"> <span style="color:#27ae60;"> <u> <strong> example </strong> </u> </span> </span> </p> all that code was for (text-"example") (<span style="color:#27ae60;"> <! this is the color code) (#27ae60 <! this is the hex for green) (<p> <! defines a paragraph) (<span style="font-size:20px;"> <! text size) (<u> <! To underline a text) you get the picture
  3. bjb3n


    I really hope its the latter. (mega update)
  4. bjb3n


    they could hire me ,-, I can animate, and rig modals, and texture modals, and modal, and script, also I know my way around unity, but I don't think they used unity.
  5. bjb3n

    Block Limit

    lol 30 yrs layer >narrator- That update never came, they waited, and hoped, and prayed, but no update came, it was no use the devs had forgotten them. thee end >reader- boy oh boy that was a lousy ending.
  6. bjb3n


    its not just survival sim, its also sandbox 3d, and cubic sandbox, their all infected!!!, the devs are supper lazy or just preparing to release a mega update.
  7. bjb3n


    I totally agree, I just meant the hackers that ruin other (potential game fans) experience's those are the bad ones. I too have met a moder that that was just using his mods to enrich other players gaming experiences. I just wish they were all like that
  8. bjb3n


    the hackers just don't seem to get that its not all about them, I hate seeing them mock noobs, because those noobs will be new pro's in a no time if they art driven away!!! it just makes me sad. Sincerely, C:\Users\BJD>
  9. I used NOX before, and I don't know if id recommend it, my mouse and keyboard were not an option for input methods, so I hade to use my duleshock controller witch was a nightmear, sins I suck at using a game controller. just play it on a phone its meant to be a mobile game. ~bjb
  10. that's what he seed, I cant really under stand it, but its what he seed. XD
  11. @ValenGoYT Okay what happens is that you take the game as a movie (like deveria) And not like these who only criticize with their 20 members can control much of the server
  12. AND THE LITTLE BIT OF HTML (<color=red>example</color> <i>example</i> <size=120>example</size> ect...)DOSE NOT COUNT!!!
  13. "hAcKeRs" are people who do NPT and are fluent in a cupule coding langwidges. people who exploit little cheat's in games are just cheaters.