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  1. I am dead.

    it was an honor playing with you.


    1. bjb3n


      catsbit please delete this account.

      thank you...


  2. I forgot to add... *sarcastic voice* at the top, I assumed people would get it. guess not.
  3. yes... read it. and tell me one thing in it, that is in any way true!
  4. the only way that a "Mod-er" could be stoped, is if the dood making the "Mods" is stoped. how do you stop him? well there are a few ways... one way would be, to painstakingly track down all the "Mod" sources, and confront the "Mod" creator. but thats unrealistic. another way to stop the "Mod" source, would be to take all the important scripts such as the caricature-controller-script, the item index, and other scripts that effect basic game mechanics, and somehow make them unreadable, or even locked, but this might slow down the device a little. I know, with encryption, the device has to decompile data before it can be used, and for a game mechanics script, you kinda need it instantaneously. lastly. you could have all the code necessary for the game to run, held on a server, and constantly refresh it. then, as a security messier, give every update a long string of calculated numbers, and if a player has an older string thats out of date, the game wont let him connect to a multiplayer server. there are probably a lot more ways, but thees are the 3 I've scene my friends use. the first one, was the funniest XD XD. also stop calling thees "Script Kiddies" hackers FOR GOODNESS SAKE! hacking is making something do something that it wasn't intended to do to gain some form of advantage. witch is what the "mod" creator dose. thees people you call "HaCkErS" are just lame suckers that exploit a free Pre "Modified" Game. to gain a form of fake power over the other players. Regards ~ß❖ß
  5. bjb3n


    for the people who don't know. Ping is the amount of milliseconds it takes a packet of information to reach the server from you and back. Basically it's a measurement of connection speed, and it influences lag quite a lot. a High ping means it takes a High amount of milliseconds for a packet of information to send and receive. so the lower you're ping the better.
  6. So… more times than I would like, I have overwritten the wrong map. Half the time It was just because I was going too fast. But the other half was caused by the fact that, there is no way of knowing witch map you have selected for deletion, The prompt just asks you… “Do you really want to overwrite this map?” What map?!? How on earth, can a person with a small screen be sure he hasn’t pressed the wrong button… Answer: He can’t! Witch is why I think you should include the name of the selected map, in the prompt. Something like this… the word overwrite is in red and in "" because it can be replaced with the word delete when needed. Regards.
  7. bjb3n


    also... the people you are mad at... are not real hackers they're kitty-scripters, mod'res, cheaters, .etc... the real problem is... the people who decompile the original APK, change a few things, compile it, and then post it on a buggy vires infested web sight, were stupid suck-up kitty-scripters download it... so they can have a fake feeling of power. making an app non-modable is pretty much impossible. I'm not saying it can't be done, but its hard
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    not quite sure what u meant?
  9. bjb3n


    I've been waiting for an update for 14 hours, I need some serious help. :((
  10. bjb3n


    I don't think you guys understand how hard it is to make a game on a deadline. game development is hard, and sometimes bugs will appear out of nowhere. once I made a game. I thought it was flawless. when it came time to build and export the game, it wouldn't build, when I finally fixed that problem, I tried to run the game, and guess what, it would just crash for no resign no matter witch device I ran it on. long story short it tuke about a week to get it running on my laptop outside of the game engine. so give them some slack. they deserve a little more encouragement. look at all the games they've delivered. they're not just gonna drop this one. be patient.
  11. bjb3n


    they should lower the volume of the footsteps when five or more people are In an area at one time, because, the overlapping of audio will get annoying pretty fast. and, ok shure, you could just turn your volume down if you don't like the noise, but then, later on, you wont hear people coming up behind you. making all the time spent implementing the playing of audio in a timed way that matches the animators walking loop and its increase and decrees of speed. A big wast of time.
  12. Nyacinth: "to anyone who doesn't understand the English language and its nuances" no He is right. I still have trouble understanding English sometimes. I still spell English like "Inglish". thankfully. (*Auto-Correct*)...
  13. it's 13+ as far as I can tell but seriously just leave him alone. google forces game devs to add an age limit, in the terms and conditions agreement for games with violence, and any sort of chat. if someone under the given age is playing we have to assume he has permission from an older person and is being supervised. because catsbit can't ban him even if they could do some kind of IP ban. all the kids goto do is set up a proxy, and he's back in da game. Catsbit has no way of banning people. in fact nobody dose, not even big companies like google. and right, now that kid is laughing.