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  1. I also saw there was a problem when i played byt my phone randomly restarted and the server said i can't join bc user is already in server. I could only join after a few hours. Just letting you know.
  2. Hi xAnony i have found a solution to my problem . It made my screen blou bc the server kicked me. I found that entering a server then add displays and then for a brief moment (1-3 seconds)im back at the server list and if i am fast enough to tap on the same server and pres join server again, then i can actually proceed to play the game . I have since seen that the blue screen thing happens every time i get auto kicked by the server. Hope this helps someone down the line.
  3. I have the same problem but i uninstalled and reinstalled, clear data ,clear cache and it does still not want to work. (Samsung galaxy j4)