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  1. Hey Catsbit please check this thread, I caught new cheaters here.
  2. REPORTING PLAYERS USE FRAUD: IMPORTANT! Hey Catsbit i want to say today was my worst day i caught a player raiding my house with cheat he used cheat called spiderman and raided my roof me with pickaxe, he took away a lot of my resources easily, I went in and saw it all and he escaped using kick. If you were me you would understand how I felt when I was raided by a cheater and lost everything. Hope you believe in ban this cheater as soon as possible. I have the following proofs: - Photo of the damage of the house: - Fraudster profile picture:
  3. This player uses cheats, please ban him.
  4. Here's proof take a look and ban both players above.
  5. Hey Catsbit, Please ban the above two cheaters: ID: 4CA4D5CD1A56879A (aimbot), ID: DC4711F8892AFC40 (spiderman).
  6. This player uses cheats and climbs other people's houses, please ban him. https://youtu.be/nzmMOgxXMWs
  7. Hello! Sorry I've been absent for a long time and I caught a pretty horrible cheater, please ban the above player.
  8. This player uses cheats, please ban him. https://youtu.be/VMSGGPYpVl8
  9. This player uses aimbot and shoots everyone on the server. Everyone is desperate to bring this cheater to justice and I've got some proof for you I hope you ban this player. ID: 851A1C88887E5E9E.
  10. Please ban the above three cheaters.
  11. Hey Catsbit, I have three new cheaters here.
  12. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  13. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.
  14. This player uses cheats, Please ban him.