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  1. I’m still here waiting for my appeal of joining the developer team also if that Alex guy responds in here again I will find his ip and upper cut him in his jaw ps sockbopit
  2. Actually there can be if the software can’t handle it move on and make a new game for more creativity
  3. I’m gonna get made fun of but determination is another goal
  4. Dear company catsbits, I was typing this as fast as I can so I will make mistakes but besides I was wondering if I can join your company and if you have any people I know a bit about coding just the only problem I have is that I am not patient but I can make new designs as I am a designer and I know how to animate not only that I also have a pc and can probably use softwares to help with the anticheat and I would like to help you no money included just a creator with boredom and who has also been harassed I will not use power badly as great power comes great responsibility but also I will design higher quality guns not to offend you I have also used the unity software although I was wondering if you use it and I would like to help you in the future for the imagination of sandbox ps sockbopit