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  1. I suggest that using hardware bans and fraud protection, patch prevention also get an effective anti cheat program.. cheating Affects 80% of all players, players will abandon and move to other games, they not only take the engagement away but also their money with them.
  2. OK alrighty, but im little confused whats the difference between the PLAYER REPORT ID and the USER ID because the result is still the same name and id appeared
  3. please make an exception. please ban this player he only has that name and unique ID, cheaters on this server keep coming using different account also they are hoarding , raiding base and killing other players with no cheats... ill activate my player id while recording, sorry i was clearing data on this game forgot to activate..
  4. Player ID: 8063CDB1C2808997 12122022_211820.mp4
  5. PLAYERS ID: 8CC5D8811DC8C526
  6. 0.23 - timeline accurate AR headshot at far distance
  8. 0.03 to 0.47 - 0.59 from that timeline as you can see he was up then down and jumps back again at the high walls... please ban thank you he can easily raid the house
  9. FCEFB11E7570F563 Please Ban This Player He Is Using Cheat vid:
  10. C4FE99C62E91AC82 vid link:
  11. players id: FCEFB11E7570F563 video:
  12. F239EC0DD02C7D4E please ban this player his using cheat vid proof:
  13. E519891D8D5B373C note: I have reported this player a few weeks ago and still not banned please look at this player