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  1. Keeping the items locked makes hackers have to work for it too, everytime they get banned they have to grind all over again, it is a very move to keep items locked. Earn it
  2. There is team of 5 hackers I will catch them 1 at a time XRecorder_Edited_14012023_082642.mp4
  3. Adding admins will eliminate hackers immediately.. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED FFS
  4. This cheater is using wx7 aimbot, check logs
  5. Your mad when a hacker kills you but you play with hackers lmao
  6. Bruh that's not hacking lol if he was hacking he would have hit every shot but he missed multiple shots if he had aimbot it makes you hit every headshot
  7. In the new update post it says they removed all research and wiped servers. Go grind scrap
  8. Uses ar and aimbot dead in 2 seconds
  9. Jumps through walls and uses aimkill
  10. @Catsbit.Care there are lots of players reporting this guy. Ban him asap he is making the game not fun he just wallhacks and goes through your roof and kills you
  11. He is definitely a hacker he continues headshots only