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  1. Andrei already got banned once I have the screenshot when he got banned lol are you dumb? You play with hackers then report other hackers you are some kind of stupid lol
  2. Haha lucieo is a bitch, his teamates got banned for hacking then you report hackers? Why didn't you report your friend andrei for hacking bud haha, and all hk hacks in us4 these kids are wild. They report hackers but use hacks themselves 🤣🤣🤣 fucking weirdos
  3. @Catsbit.Care @catsbit.guard
  4. Slick916


    They will not be, next update is only a holiday update and server wipes, levels will stay but all learned items and bases will be wiped
  5. Slick916


    Again until they fix the hackers this is a pointless idea
  6. Literally go into us4 and half the server is hacking, we are all tired of recording and doing catsbits job we are the players not employees.
  7. This game is garbage and we have gave it long enough for you to fix the hacking problem, every anti cheat just lasts for about maybe a day if that. People pay money for items and coins etc. And then you fix things like cant share paid items with friends because you say its against the terms and conditions, well guess what bud it's against the terms and conditions that cheating is prohibited but you didn't fix that at all. So again this game fucking sucks and I recommend to all players to boycott this game and make them lose money until they fix this shit. Go ahead and ban me I don't care. I will make another account then another then another then another I will show how it feels like in the game when that's how easy it is to make new accounts to hack
  8. @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care You fix the ability to share items that we paid for with OUR MONEY, becaue you say it's prohibited. Well hacking is prohibited and you dont fix that why? You fix the stupid things but not the 1 thing EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING FOR. Fix the god damn hacking situation. For fucks sake it's been years now of dealing with this shit. In US4 alone there is around 10 hackers yet to be banned. DO YOUR FUCKING JOB AND FIX IT
  9. Well if it gets patched then hackers run the game again, as long as it works atleast you can raid hackers bases
  10. Slick916


    And if you get rid there goes your defense against hackers dummy 😂😂
  11. Why remove a bug when it's the only thing stopping hackers lmao it doesn't hurt anyone else at all.
  12. Or just 3rd party apk blocks boom problem solved