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  1. The paid items that I have paid for with MY MONEY, I should be able to trade these items in the vending machine or Give them to my friends to use. Remove the unable to use because not purchased shit so we can share with friends and trade in vending machines to make scrap and other stuff. It will make the game more enjoyable for all
  2. You should bring back the old map, make it a option where you can choose to play new map or old map
  3. They listened to me and pve is way better amd less laggy now
  4. Return the damage for turrets and shotgun traps, it made pve fun
  5. So I found a new item that will be released soon in the game... Bluberries
  6. @Catsbit.Dev Are you going to do your damn job. This player has been causing chaos for over 2 weeks
  7. @Catsbit.Guard do your job this akim player is annoying as fuck and he admits openly to cheating
  8. @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Guard
  9. Then those servers will just get clogged with too many tcs and same thing will happen. In pve only should be allowed 1 tc it will fix the server restarts and lag instantly
  10. The only reason it is so laggy and so many restarts is because the server is overwhelmed with so many tcs and bases and decorations. If catsbit limited players to 1 tc a player it would solve this problem instantly
  11. Pve severs lag severely all because the players add 10 million tcs every where and clog the server with bases every where and without being able to raid them they just sit there and take up space. A very easy way to fix this problem is to limit each player to have 1 tc only. That would fix the lag instantly
  12. They will not accept any payments from Russia because Russia is at war
  13. Madmaximus is the most straight player in this game, he has played for 3 years or more and never used cheats ever. Why did you guys ban him. You better get on it and unban his account. He never has cheated and never would. Fix this asap @Catsbit dev @Catsbit.Care