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  1. Pretty please 🥺🥺🥺@Catsbit dev
  2. KeNMiCaL


    Sheeeesh Gyaat Daaayuuum
  3. Just be patient it will come!! Просто будь терпеливым, оно придет
  4. Hello @Catsbit.Care Did you guys forgot to type the anti cheat you been working hard for months or it's just there's no anti cheat at all??? Please kindly reply
  5. KeNMiCaL


    Well at least now we know it's gonna take more some time. We already waited half year why not wait a little more (like another half) haha. ? Kidding!! Let's just all hope (unity) developers find the bug(coding) faster and fix it soon as possible.. @Catsbit.Care can you guys give us some spoiler to make it up. We deserve to know a little we have waited a long long time.
  6. KeNMiCaL


    Adding rain (so we can get wet) ? Adding female character (so we can get wet again) ? men can't survive w/o woman ? Adding caves or tunnels (so we can get wet again and again) ? do it private ? ?
  7. KeNMiCaL

    Update 2023

    Well done!! But don't rush it, make it smooth and silky "test it out before submitting" for any bugs.. gl guys hope this update will boost the game UP. Cheers ?
  8. KeNMiCaL

    Us 3 hacker

    Hi ash;) well done devs
  9. No worries they will get ban sooner or later!! This time it will be permanent.. post there name and server I'll hunt record them for yah.. cheers!
  10. Exactly!! Ty for the awesome comment/suggestions.. and Im indeed hoping for ASIA server to be added. Cheers oxiders!!!!!
  11. Hello everyone!! Suggesting to upgrade servers to 100 player's per server.. if not possible add "Asia" server to split players from over crowded!! We are getting bigger and bigger congrats.. cheers!!
  12. Yup, since metal armor came., pvp seems sucks there's no fun fighting a medkit spammer and your bullets goin to waste when they DC kick every damn time.
  13. KeNMiCaL

    Asia servers

    Yup this one is absolutely needed ASAP!!
  14. I like all of it,. let's hope rust(PC) wake up and follow it's competitors like PUBG and COD to make an mobile version of it.. RUST MOBILE ?