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  1. KeNMiCaL

    Us 3 hacker

    Hi ash;) well done devs
  2. KeNMiCaL

    Catsbit. Dav

    Ok we will wait cause that's all we can do!! But please don't messed up this time. Make it the BEST update ever gl devs.. cheers!!!😎
  3. No worries they will get ban sooner or later!! This time it will be permanent.. post there name and server I'll hunt record them for yah.. cheers!
  4. Exactly!! Ty for the awesome comment/suggestions.. and Im indeed hoping for ASIA server to be added. Cheers oxiders!!!!!
  5. Hello everyone!! Suggesting to upgrade servers to 100 player's per server.. if not possible add "Asia" server to split players from over crowded!! We are getting bigger and bigger congrats.. cheers!!
  6. Yup, since metal armor came., pvp seems sucks there's no fun fighting a medkit spammer and your bullets goin to waste when they DC kick every damn time.
  7. KeNMiCaL

    Asia servers

    Yup this one is absolutely needed ASAP!!
  8. I like all of it,. let's hope rust(PC) wake up and follow it's competitors like PUBG and COD to make an mobile version of it.. RUST MOBILE ?
  9. Don't fight them then just run haha xd.. Or add more team members for your advantage!! CheersS
  10. Everyone can't unless you download and install the update on "apple store/google play"
  11. It is, but when game reset we should be able to download and install it on store.. but sadly there's still nothing there!! We all just need to wait for a while!!
  12. Awesome, well done catsbit!!! Cheers
  13. Once you used hack or just even try it and got recorded it's instant banned when there's a proof.. so sorry there's no unbanned thing will happen for now.
  14. His just tapping the AR and no need to aim lol.
  15. Old clip but now he also using aimkill not just speed Username:pasha8333kd ID:FE5E93DED3831E19