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  1. Ashhh

    Us 3 hacker

    Also I was unable to upload the video from my phone so I added the YouTube Link to the video
  2. Ashhh

    Us 3 hacker

    This player is using speed hack and fall through the map hack. At .53 seconds u can see him fall through the ground.
  3. I have some videos of hackers to report but not exactly sure how to submit them. I've submitted some before and I think I either did it wrong or they were overlooked. Please give me clear instructions on how to report a hacker. TIA
  4. Ashhh

    Us 3 hacker

    This player has been known to use many hacks but a player sent me a video of him using something to accentuate his shots or aim. In the video he kills a player who said he was fully geared and at 100 health, with one shot. This player is on server us 3 and his name is Friendly;) . I will include a ss of his player name and id... and the video of course. Screen_Recording_20221126_141411_Discord.mp4
  5. Ashhh


    Here is another video of nexus hacking sent to me by another player. He is clearly using speed hack
  6. When I open the game it immediately says failed to refresh server list.. also says there's 0 players.. does this over and over again