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Found 111 results

  1. This game used to be fun, then catsbit stopped caring about there players and people spending money on this game while they make money and allow hackers to over run this game. It is unplayable. This game will never be fixed until admins are added to the game until then this game is trash.... you made money off of people and basically hustled them because whats the point of playing if every minute your getting killed by another hacker. It's fucking ridiculous plain and simple. Step your game up and stop being lazy plain and simple
  2. @Catsbit.Care Hello You can clearly see how we ask questions about the update, you can clearly see the number of cheaters. We also understand your condition and we can’t blame you either. I see how one forum member is diligently throws off cheaters in complaints and you answer him. I'm glad that they help you and you get something. I'm just wondering...Why such disrespect for your audience, such disrespect for your project. Many players buy your goods, but most are also from Russia and cannot make purchases.I myself purchased several goods, thereby in order to help you, and I don’t even go into your game myself. Only cheaters and nothing new, impenetrable armor, pharmacies that cannot be used through the bottom slot. Big, fat imbalance
  4. 2B0488A3B31FC45D He use spider climb!!
  5. Mariusell


    E8FB3A77A7D243F3 he use aim auto !!
  6. Aimbot Hacker us20 Name ngọc hàn 07 He Always hit headshot with hunting rifle. Pls Ban Us20 Hacker Thank You. Here is His User And Id. User: ngọc hàn 07 id: A5B7AEC629F4303C
  7. What if, every time we log into the game, the game checks the files, that there are no anti-hacker changes
  8. Mariusell


    7605A10FFFEACE71 use aim bot!!
  9. Mariusell


    83B8371749993153 aim bot !!..
  10. Ashhh

    Us 3 hacker

    This player is using speed hack and fall through the map hack. At .53 seconds u can see him fall through the ground.
  11. I'm done with this game until you fix it it, there are lots of other players who are quitting as well until its fixed.. way to many hackers...
  12. This is a great game but until you can ban hackers, this shit sucks. We pay money for prime we pay money for lots of things, yet hackers still run crazy on all servers. You need to fix this or this game will be no longer playable and you will not make money
  13. Привет , разработчики.У моего друга аккаунт гость и у него на акке донат,если есть возможность можно ли привязать гугл аккаунт другу?Мы не хотим потерять донат на акке.
  14. Aimbot guy on eu59
  15. There is team of 5 hackers I will catch them 1 at a time XRecorder_Edited_14012023_082642.mp4
  16. Adding admins will eliminate hackers immediately.. BOOM PROBLEM SOLVED FFS
  17. This cheater is using wx7 aimbot, check logs
  18. Dear company catsbits, I was typing this as fast as I can so I will make mistakes but besides I was wondering if I can join your company and if you have any people I know a bit about coding just the only problem I have is that I am not patient but I can make new designs as I am a designer and I know how to animate not only that I also have a pc and can probably use softwares to help with the anticheat and I would like to help you no money included just a creator with boredom and who has also been harassed I will not use power badly as great power comes great responsibility but also I will design higher quality guns not to offend you I have also used the unity software although I was wondering if you use it and I would like to help you in the future for the imagination of sandbox ps sockbopit
  19. Игрок на фото сам признается что у него чит,он может заходить в любую хату и брать оттуда ресурсы я его уже убил у себя дома.Я прежде не видел таких читов.Почему Вы игнорите он же заберёт все ресурсы.Что это такое? Помогайте игрокам.Либо поставьте Администрацию на сервера.Я писал вам много раз на счёт администрации,если честно вы не справляетесь.Это не мое мнение это мнение общества!
  20. TAKDAT


    When landing heli, we get kicked, and when flying around through tree's, and why does my helicopter disappear, after a day, at times ive got to repair it, n ive hvnt been anywhere on it, its getting costly,
  21. Server: #Br3 ID: 35CC83F2AF28FCF5 Check your history of kills, movements, shots, etc. hacker anti ban. Thanks
  22. Magic bullets hack,only headshot,6 in a row ,I haven’t any proofs because I Don’t have Time to record it,please check it and permanent ban
  23. Can I reopen when banned?