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Found 80 results

  1. 2 guys using bug with foundation
  2. POni0

    Cheater Eu1

    Cheater eu 1 id: in video VID_20221108_033711.mp4
  3. POni0

    Cheater Eu1

    Cheater eu1. Sorry i cant load 720p bcs 48,3mb is max but i make screen 720p VID_20221117_213409_499.mp4
  4. Indignação: Sinceramente, os hackers estão voltando aos poucos, tá difícil de aturar esses aproveitadores. Mano, só basta apenas 1 aimbot para acaba com todo o servidor, quanto mais aturar 2/3 aimbot em um único server. E sobre o sistema de reporte, isso não funciona. Faz dias que os aimbot's tão abusando do servidor e nada de banimento, o processo é lento demais. Eu entendo que são apenas dois desenvolvedores para fazer tudo, mas deveria ter algum monitoramento nos servidores. Caso contrário fica difícil "investir" dinheiro no jogo, ainda mais sabendo que o jogo tá cheio de hackers.
  5. Я не могу на сервер причина не знаю это баг или хз пофиксите пожалуйста меня уже так убивает 3 раза и из за чего это случается? Я смогу на всех серверах зайти но не могу играть на первом сервере еуропы почему ? Screenrecorder-2022-10-22-01-20-13-796.mp4
  6. - Will you ever create a new server where there are no rockets so you can’t damage bases but all guns still do damage to other players so we can still kill players. I would really like you to add this server type as pve can be boring sometimes so it would be cool to still have fun killing players but everyone can still have fun Building and keeping their bases. I don’t mean to add this feature to the pve servers I mean to create one or two servers with this option so guns are still used for pvp but rockets stay locked and no one can use rockets. - Also can you increase server restart warning from 10 seconds to like 30 seconds so we have more time to organise stuff like landing our helis etc - can you also make it so we can eat and drink while driving vehicles.
  7. I propose to make the number of people on the server more, at least 25 more people, otherwise it is very difficult to find people with whom you can fight
  8. There it too many server restarts on the PVE servers its happening every 5-10 minutes.
  9. ============================= Good afternoon, KATSBIT I have a problem with my nickname. I would like to change it, if it's not difficult for you, please help me :3 ============================= ((Sorry for my English, I'm Ukrainian and had to translate the text into English)) ============================= My ID Profile: LOWER 1F0B540E7D80BDD1 1FOB54OE7D80BDD1 ============================= New desired nickname: eto zhe psix ============================= ((There is either zero "0" or the letter "O", I did not understand)) ============================= PROOF: LOWER
  10. Are you going to increase tool cupboard range and decrease splash damage from rockets? Because at the moment the tc range is too short no matter how many layers of high walls and how many tcs you place they can still build stairs close and build over walls and rocket base. And the splash damage ruins all items inside. So no one can keep their items in bases anymore as it all gets ruined cause its too easy to raid bases. Also I think walking on top of Gates and walls should be taken away cause they can walk along walls and jump to the next wall etc. This was why people had made alt accounts to store their loot on them as you cannot protect items in a base as it gets raided everyday no matter what base design you do. But now youve taken the point of having an alt away from us by removing all our inventorys in the wipe so thanks a lot, people farmed resources for weeks and now they will lose it all. How are you meant to protect loot now if we cant keep them on alts for long and bases get raided 24/7….. and everyone uses rockets for pvp… this needs to be changed
  11. Dear company catsbits, I was typing this as fast as I can so I will make mistakes but besides I was wondering if I can join your company and if you have any people I know a bit about coding just the only problem I have is that I am not patient but I can make new designs as I am a designer and I know how to animate not only that I also have a pc and can probably use softwares to help with the anticheat and I would like to help you no money included just a creator with boredom and who has also been harassed I will not use power badly as great power comes great responsibility but also I will design higher quality guns not to offend you I have also used the unity software although I was wondering if you use it and I would like to help you in the future for the imagination of sandbox ps sockbopit
  12. You developers could create an option to create your own server with 50 players and have a password, have spectator mode for the server creator, this would be a way to end hackers,
  13. Hacker aim kill
  14. I’m so done with this why have you still not done anything about the hackers in prime? Everyone on prime should get a refund the whole point of paying for prime was cause there was meant to be no hackers im quitting this is so so so bullshit I’m not playing until you’ve actually decided to do something about the hackers. We’ve been reporting all of them and nothing has been done. Literally just been killed by a hacker and lost all my loot and I look at who’s online there was 5 of us and all the other 4 were all hackers. This is so so bad it’s been MONTHS and you still haven’t fixed it. If you don’t know how to do it get someone who knows wtf they’re doing to fix it.
  15. Kit

    Ia catsbit alive?

    Hey just wanna say if catsbit working on the game or chilling out ? People need answer on every question they have bro ill be honest i think the game needs update like a little or super little update to express people like adding 1 new item per month like that i think its not hard making 1 new item or new servers we need some answer or our every question catsbit where you your not responsible for every one you need to revive THE OXIDE SURVIVAL ISLAND re excite the people about rust experience on mobile many people leave in this game CUZ OF HACKER if its fair the server will always full cuz everyone fight fair no cheat and ADD SLEEPING SYSTEM THAT YOU CANT DC TO ESCAPE PVP and ADD MORE PVE SERVER and and keep the town not placable for high wooden wall like 50 metter blocked only high wall and gas station too and add ocean barrels so we can travel ocean and the ocean is so deep so hackers will not reach it and barrier is not added put some like shark that will kill you if you go out of the map and add safe zone THATS ALL THANKS CATSBIT.
  16. Estou 16 horas sem jogar por causa desse bug,por favor me ajude
  17. Я предлагаю добавить слиперов, объясняю что такое слипер «слипер: это когда игрок играет на сервере и когда он его покидает моделька игрока остаётся на сервере, его так же могут убить либо залутать» ещё предлагаю добавить, хит Мейк когда попадаешь игроку в тело, ну как в голову только в тело, хит мейк будет белый, а в голову красный, спасибо за понимание, за ранее спасибо )
  18. Dear Administration, I ask you to draw attention to 41 servers. Cheaters get in the way of other players unhindered. Block cheaters immediately. Players with Chinese characters including!!!!!
  19. Hola creadores de este maravilloso juego,vine a dar mis sugerencias q la gente la verdad seguro también le gustarían, Recomiendo q metan más armas Melle y a distancia Por ejemplo: Rifle francotirador AK-47 Escopeta recortada Ballestas MP5 Tonzon Cuchillo Machete Espadas Yo diría q metan más armas xq a la gente le gusta mucho el PvP y siempre las mismas armas aburre un poco yo recomiendo q metan más armas para q el juego le de duro al PvP que eso atrae mucho la atención Espero y mis sugerencias las vean Los felizito por maravilloso juego
  20. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @[CC] xAnony, please pin this topic. To all members, the update will be coming around Saturday to answer that question. And from the looks of it, PvP will be returning, as well as a better anti-cheat. Other than the main things people looked forward, there will probably be balance updates, bug fixes, and more features. Please do not ask any of these questions before and soon after the update, as this is an irrelevant question due to answers being known.
  21. How can I Create a Server on Oxide. It don't have to be a private server I just wanna be able to play with my friends and family without the worries of a cheater and or hackers?