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Found 64 results

  1. Я предлагаю добавить слиперов, объясняю что такое слипер «слипер: это когда игрок играет на сервере и когда он его покидает моделька игрока остаётся на сервере, его так же могут убить либо залутать» ещё предлагаю добавить, хит Мейк когда попадаешь игроку в тело, ну как в голову только в тело, хит мейк будет белый, а в голову красный, спасибо за понимание, за ранее спасибо )
  2. Как мне изменить Ник мой, Ник •TopoR_NJ• помогите. За ранее спасибо !
  3. Hola creadores de este maravilloso juego,vine a dar mis sugerencias q la gente la verdad seguro también le gustarían, Recomiendo q metan más armas Melle y a distancia Por ejemplo: Rifle francotirador AK-47 Escopeta recortada Ballestas MP5 Tonzon Cuchillo Machete Espadas Yo diría q metan más armas xq a la gente le gusta mucho el PvP y siempre las mismas armas aburre un poco yo recomiendo q metan más armas para q el juego le de duro al PvP que eso atrae mucho la atención Espero y mis sugerencias las vean Los felizito por maravilloso juego
  4. @Catsbit.Care @Catsbit.Dev @[CC] xAnony, please pin this topic. To all members, the update will be coming around Saturday to answer that question. And from the looks of it, PvP will be returning, as well as a better anti-cheat. Other than the main things people looked forward, there will probably be balance updates, bug fixes, and more features. Please do not ask any of these questions before and soon after the update, as this is an irrelevant question due to answers being known.
  5. Ideas for it!! Put password on servers Screen the player to see what they are doing Ban or kick players Codes of each item for the server owner to take it without having to farm Put options to buy the time the server will last, 15/30 days, with different value So we can play without hackers in case ban from the server You will increase your vaults to improve the game And bring more players to the game How do I play the game this will help a lot, bring several different content to subscribers I hope you guys put this for us My channel
  6. I propose to make the number of people on the server more, at least 25 more people, otherwise it is very difficult to find people with whom you can fight
  7. How can I Create a Server on Oxide. It don't have to be a private server I just wanna be able to play with my friends and family without the worries of a cheater and or hackers?
  8. DenDon

    Bug fix

    Hello, when will you fix the damage bug?
  9. Adding a new monument to oxide would be cool. It would be the military bunker. The rad town next to sand gas station is for players starting out, but the military bunker is the go to for high quality loot. It would be in the snow biome. The military bunker would have a lot of crates but unlike the rad town, it would have elite crates, containing guns, ammunition, armor, or any valuables in oxide. But the thing is there are military guards scattered around the place. The newer guards would have revolvers and hunting rifles, but the more experienced guards would have automatic rifles, strong armor, and maybe even rocket launchers and lmgs. Also this would add a new feature called keycard doors. There are 3 tiers, green being the most common card and can be used to access a locked room in the rad town that can only be unlocked with a green keycard, the room would have a bunch of crates and also a garantid revolver and blue tier card. The blue keycard can be used to open small shacks with some crates and a radiation piece. You must get 4 radiation peices and 2 blue keycards and head back to the room in the rad town and use a press to compress the 2 blue keycards and radiation peices to create the purple keycard. The purple key card can be used to gain access to the military bunker
  10. lv_0_20220427211247.mp4
  11. HarMing


    I Cant reload The servers or im just banned?! Bruh Im not hacking or racist bruh Can u fix this cause this happend 2 times
  12. Nombre: fernandoolan Causa de uso del error: escapar de mi cacería humana Error: actualizar la base a piedra dowm What he said: fool hahahah you can't kill me
  13. Hello dear devs. I hope in the next Update ,this will be added ADD: Weather like rain/Thunderstorm,and other natural weather, that affects the surrounding,and ambient effects, this will make the game more Cozy. Add: PICKABLE NODES/WOOD Whats makes it better just roaming around that map, make us trill by adding, pickable nodes/wood/stone/metal/branch and i will give u atleast small amount of resourcses, ALSO ADD: VEGETATION/CROP/PLANTS/SIGN FOR ROLEPLAYERS TNX
  14. Faz 2 dias que esses dois estão abusando do bug,por favor da ban neles
  15. this useless will not take a ban? Nick: Hhhhbb
  16. Update this month?
  17. Pontos ao qual vocês deve trabalhar na questão do raid com rocket e picareta Com apenas duas rocket você quebra uma base de pedra praticamente toda, assim o dano se espalha até onde você não rocketou, quebrando os baús e fornalhas, por conta disso 90% dos raid é só prejuízo. > Correção < •Diminuir o alcance da explosão da rocket. •Corrigir o bug de quebrar todos os ítens dentro da base após raid. •Aumentar a vida das paredes. > PAREDE DE PEDRA (700). > PAREDE DE MADEIRA (350). > PAREDE DE FERRO (1000) _________________________________________ E sobre clã raidar base na picareta, eu acho isso extremamente roubado. 3 a 4 players picaretando portas ou paredes, em questão de minutos eles conseguem entrar em qualquer base. > Correção < •Após player picaretar portas ou paredes, depois de 8 a 10 picarretada deve tirar somente 1 de dano. Consideração!
  18. When i play on br servers i can't get resourses for no die i need disconet already 15 minutes. All killing new players all players is so toxic pleace stop this or server reset pls
  19. FAILED TO REFRESH SERVER... Last minute im playing oxide and grinding stuff, suddenly i realize that were only 7players in the server, that thing is phenomenal and wiered, then some of my friends ask, why theyre all cant join , because of FAILED TO LOAD SERVER,... I think Something is happening, i know Developers dont interact often now, In this forums, but im hoping.... Is the Servers CRASHED?? Is the Game Updating rn.?? Or OXIDE just DIED?????
  20. is abusing a bug to have an advantage in PvP, please ban this guy XRecorder_Edited_23022022_224908.mp4
  21. Já tem data para próxima atualização,ou vocês desenvolvedores estão trabalhando para próxima atualização? Nós da comunidade queremos uma resposta para ficar por dentro,o jogo está ficando muito chato sem wipe! E a questão dos anti-cheat vcs estão trabalhando nisso? Jogo está cheio de hack de speed! Esse jogo tem muito talento só basta voces querer...
  22. Servidores BR a todo momento está Full, é possível aumentarem o servidor para 70 player? Screenrecorder-2022-01-30-18-34-12-521(0).mp4
  23. Previsão da próxima atualização? ou sem spoiler?
  24. Mateus Gamer


    O jogo tá sendo tomado por hackers, tá foda.