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  1. PhantomX

    Update 0.4.1

    @Catsbit.Care Since you refuse to respond to a DM or my post with sufficient evidence to show a hacker on Prime, do you think you'll be adding an anti-cheat in this update so that your legitimate players can play peacefully?
  2. Can we also get rid if Spider on Prime? I submitted solid evidence 4 days ago but hes still on there as well as TZ Koli? Why are hackers just being let go on Prime?
  3. This is the same guy who got on prime and immediately starting hurling slurs at the players on there. His entire persona is provocation and would be an absolutely horrible choice for moderator. I'd ask that the Catsbit team carefully and thoroughly vet any staff before recruitment, as I'm sure you already do, because I can vouch first hand that this would he an unhealthy pick for the community.
  4. It would be a very simple add. There are women who play the game & would appreciate being able to play their properly gendered character.
  5. There is currently an issue with all servers kicking all players. Some are getting the error "Too many requests to this API are being made at once" It has happened multiple times over the past 30 minutes
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  7. PhantomX

    Dc problem

    I think you shouldn't be able to DC for at least 10 seconds after taking damage, or there should be a 5 second countdown before DC happens
  8. They said there would be an update, they didn't specify what additions, if any, they were going to be making.
  9. Hello, I received a nickname change a couple of weeks ago. I have noticed that ever since the name change, players are unable to send me friend requests using the old and new names. I have had 3 people try sending me a request and I do not receive them. My previous name was 88104531993 and my new name is PhantomX. Just wanted to make you aware. Thanks, Phantom
  10. Used google translate for translation, apologies for any inconsistency - Для перевода использовал Google Translate, извините за неточность. Would be nice to have caves. Could be rich in resources. Building allowed to help defend against helicopter raids. --- Было бы неплохо иметь пещеры. Может быть богат ресурсами. Здание позволило защититься от вертолетных налетов. Used google translate for translation, apologies for any inconsistency - Для перевода использовал Google Translate, извините за неточность.
  11. Oh I see what you're saying. I thought you meant wipes. I agree with you they should be more frequent.
  12. Why would they want to punish their players that paid for the Prime membership? The whole point of Prime is to enjoy a space away from hackers & Prime players also support the game fiscally. Doesn't make much business sense to hinder players who are throwing their money at the developers. Lol.
  13. It only took the devs updating the game for you to finally feel like a victor. Don't worry, H8 base will be there again a couple days after wipe.